Wright Peak - Description of Sweet Spot but keeps you in Tempo?

I noticed this morning that Wright Peak is aimed at 85% of FTP for each interval, but doing the intervals as described puts me in Tempo the whole time. Is this intended?

I decided to increase the intensity so I could target 90% of FTP to ensure I could stay in Sweet Spot for as long as possible. I figure I am doing SSB so I believe that Coach Chad intends for me to be in SS zone for this workout.

Am I off base here? Has anyone else had this same thought regarding Wright Peak?

Wright Peak -2

The source workout Wright Peak is indeed at 90-92%. The minus versions that are included as a part of SSBHV1 and 2 appear to be designed to help you get used to the longer intervals at a lower power before progressing you to higher power in the latter parts of the plans. Workload is cumulative, so while you may be able to handle the workload now, it may impact your ability to handle the workouts later in the plan.

There also isn’t a hard boundary between zones, so I wouldn’t sweat it in this instance.


This makes sense, thank you for this response!