Workout intensity - how do I know it's right?


Quick question on some of the workouts in the Sweetspot base program.

I’m worried that i had an off day on yesterday’s FTP test and that is making subsequent sessions too easy and therefore not optimally beneficial.

For example, today I did Geiger, which is 3*12mins @ 91%ish with 3min breaks.

How should I feel throughout the course of this? This morning I would say that I was working hardish but was in no way a challenge. For scale, I would say that I would be able to talk in short sentences if needed during the intervals.

Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

12 mins at sweet spot should not feel overly taxing.

Hiya, Sweet spot work is defined as effort taking place at 84-95% of your FTP (according to Trainer Road, I’ve also seen it described as work in the 83-97% range on training peaks) but the main point is that you have a wide window of effort there to work within. This is important as your FTP will increase as you progress consistently through the plan

By it’s nature, sweet spot work should be difficult but achievable, and repeatable, and is at a level where you can recover quickly, so you can do them on a daily basis and still see recovery and adaptation.

If you are worried that your FTP is too low then I would suggest reviewing after a couple more workouts, and then if you feel it is too easy then bump your FTP manually by 5 watts, or you could retake the ftp test :slight_smile:

also take a look at the topic below where your question has been discussed

I think that’s the way sweetspot is meant to feel. If you can only reply with single words it’s probably threshold, and if you can’t speak at all probably VO2 max👍