Another Heart Rate question

Just completed Wright Peak - 2 sets of 3 x 10’ sweetspot, with 30secs rest between the 10’ intervals so essentially 2x30’ . My max HR 180 , sweetspot intervals normally get me to the mid 150s.

i understand the recommendation that HR should be largely observed as a secondary metric, if not largely ignored. However, please indulge me. The first couple of intervals during Wright Peak were on target in low 150s. By the end I reached mid 160s, yes HR drift but im into HR zones that i would normally expect for Threshold work.

Is my Wright Peak session still a sweetspot work out if HR is getting quite high? Rpe prob about a 7 most of the way though last of the 10’ interval pushing towards 8 at the end.

just intersted in thoughts here.

I have a similar max HR to you, and what you’ve described sounds exactly like the way a lot of my longer SS sessions go. You build up quite a bit of fatigue over 60 minutes of SS work, plus if you don’t have good AC and airflow that causes HR to creep up as your body is working harder and harder to shed heat.

If RPE was OK and you got through the session you’re fine. I see a fair bit of variability in HR on SS sessions, there are days where it stays fairly low, that’s normally when I’m a bit fresher and/or a sign that I might be due to change my FTP. If it shoots high on rug first interval, accompanied by high RPE or breathlessness, that’s normally the sign that something is wrong and I need to back off or bin the workout


You just can’t judge workout intensity by HR. Cooling, sleep, diet… too many factors for how much HR drift you’ll see day by day. Nothing to see here, IMO, so long as your power was on target and RPE was generally as expected.

Fully agree with @kurt.braeckel on this - you’re in the right range on power, you can’t use HR for this

Likely cause would be the heat build up and raising your core temperature. It’s hot out there and likely hotter inside than normal.

My training area is around 65 degrees F in the winter and 75 degrees in the summer - the difference in HR, sweat rate, lots of things is profound - particularly on long intervals like you are doing

thanks for the responses, i guess im just looking for reassurance. the rpe was fine throughout, fatigue increases toward the end, but as the notes on Wright Peak say, if you can complete this then probably due an FTP bump/ test.

Incidentally, slightly off thread, ive not done an FTP test in about 6 months. I increase/ decrease the FTP based on my experience during the workouts - SP/threshold/VO2 max. i reckon i must be getting fairly tuned in to my RPE as i know what each feels like now.

Interesting the comments about varying HR vs Temp, etc. Im in Spain, we’ve hit hot spell ~35C however my paincave is around 25C with large floor fan. Though obviously different to the environment 6 months ago.

Good to talk though and reassure though.