Would like to be able to set the upload type for Strava sync

TR uploads all workouts as just a “Ride” (for what Strava calls “Sport”) with the tag “Indoor ride.” It would be great if, in TR, I could change the “Sport” to one of the other sport types Strava recognizes. In this case, “Virtual Ride” would make the most sense, even if it’s not strictly speaking a virtual ride. The main reason for this at this point is that Strava now supports setting default equipment for different sports and since I have different equipment on my smart trainer than what I ride on the road, I’d like to be able to stop having to manually set my equipment for many of the different kinds of rides I do.


I use ActivityFix for this (and there’s also Strautomator) but it would be nice to have it done at the TrainerRoad end.

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Cool. I will get my tech on and try those out!

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But a TR ride isn’t a virtual ride. Its a workout. Riding on zwift would be whats classed as a virtual ride.