E-Bike Rides from Strava, how to sync into TR?

Anyone know how to import my E-bike rides from Strava into TR or should I just manually put them in? I’d like to keep my TSS on track in TR but did 5 hours of e riding this weekend and not sure how to put it in. Any ideas or suggestions would be great. Thanks!

I have had my normal rides from Strava upload no problem to TR. The problem I have is I just got on E-bike and ebike rides on Strava come up as an Activity and not a real bike ride so they aren’t transferring over to my Trainerroad and therefor I can’t assign an estimated TSS to each ride.

Probably best to contact support@trainerroad.com then.

will do. thank you!

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Hey there!

At the moment, we only pull in rides that are tagged as “Ride”, so for now, in order sync your e-bike rides, you’ll need to perform the following workaround:

  1. Record workout as a “Ride”
  2. Upload the workout and wait until it shows up within TrainerRoad.
  3. Once that happens, open your ride in Strava and edit the “Type” category to “E-Bike Ride”

I will bring this issue up with our team to see what we can do to streamline this process :+1:.


I changed my ebike rides from workout to ride. Tried to resync and still not showing up in TrainerRoad.

Go ahead and reach out to our Support Team and we will see what we can do.

Email is support@trainerroad.com :+1: