TR workouts set as ride instead of virtual ride on Strava

Why are TR workouts set as a ride on Strava and not virtual ride? You can’t change a ride to a virtual ride once it’s been loaded and I have a number bikes with different default activity settings. This means, usually a virtual ride is linked to the bike I use for indoor training, but when completing a TR workout it is set to ride and a different bike is assigned - so I have to manually change it for every workout.

I also use pro bike garage. It’s a bike maintenance app that links to Strava and the wear assigned to each bike is picked up from the gear used for the activity on Strava. If it wasn’t for this I wouldn’t worry about changing it, but my chain wax schedule, tyre wear, cassette wear etc is all linked on here and is how I managed the maintenance over several bikes. This is a great app, but requires accurate gear settings on Strava.

Does anyone else have this issue of TR workouts being set as a ride and it skewing their gear all over the place? Is there a way to fix it without manually updating after each workout?
@trainerroad is this something you can change so that workouts pushed to Strava are registered as a virtual ride if ridden on the app? I can’t be the only one this annoys.

It always uploads as a indoor ride for me but folk have reported similar in the past. This is the most recent thread which links to an older one,

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You should be able to automatically change the ride type with Strautomator - Automate your Strava or the other similar apps. You’ll need to work out the appropriate trigger condition.

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Thanks to @HLaB and @Dknight212 - this has worked. I used ActivityFix and it has automatically assigned the correct gear. So that is great. I have another issue, but will set that as a separate entry.