Strava sync - set ride type to 'Workout' (Feature Request)

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Simple(?) one maybe. Strava has a Ride Type field, which can be used to colour code rides in the Training log. When syncing a TrainerRoad workout, can this be set to ‘Work Out’?


Hey @craigster,

I’m not exactly sure what you mean here. Are you requesting a feature that allows workouts exported to Strava to be a certain color automatically?

If you could clarify the request a little bit I’ll be able to pass a clear suggestion onto the team for consideration.

@Bryce Chances are, he’s asking about the option within Strava that you get post workout - default is blank, then there’s Commute, Race and Work Out.

I think he’s asking for TR to export the ride, and automatically set this option to Work Out


When you edit a ride on Strava, you can tag it as commute, workout, ride, race, etc. Sounds to me like the request is that if it is a workout on the TR calendar, they’d like it to push that info to Strava to fill out that field correctly.

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Ah, thanks for the clarification guys. I agree that would be a nice touch, and would add some polish to the Ride Sync process. I will share this with our Product Managers to see if this is something that is possible, and if so, what development it would require on our end.

Thanks for taking the time to share your feature request @craigster!


The others beat me to it. Yep, that’s exactly right - I was hoping that the Ride Type field could be set automatically to ‘Workout’ for activities synchronised from TrainerRoad.

Thanks for listening!

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I am going through Strava now updating past TR workouts from ride to workout now. Wondering if this is something that is on the radar of being done on TRs end in the future?

At the moment, this feature has not been scheduled due to other higher-priority projects demanding developer attention. We are still aware of it though, and as resources free up we may choose to devote resources to it in the future :+1:.


@Bryce as of Nov 18th, 2020 my TR sessions have started syncing with Strava with Ride Type = Workout set. I assume this improvement was included in a recent update of the MacOS App?

I am Bryce. LOL.

Checked in with the team about this, but in the meantime, here’s a relevant thread to the topic:

Update: suspicions confirmed by the team, this is something that Strava interprets/identifies and names as ‘ride type’ accordingly.

thank you! :+1: