Why does Strava not import rides as virtual rides?

I am sure this didn’t use to happen. When the rides sync with Strava it doesn’t record it as a virtual ride. This makes it associate with my outdoor bike instead of my SB20. This by design or a bug. Fulgaz does sync to Strava as a virtual ride.

I may merge this with the long running topic, since it seems related.

Never has for me.

Not all indoor rides are virtual rides.


Yeah, it’s never worked that way as far as I can tell, but for whatever’s worth, you can use ActivityFix to change the activity type and gear automatically:



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The problem is that Strava doesn’t have a ride type for ‘indoor ride’ that aligns to a default bike. So every TR workout ends up with my default outside bike on it instead of the ‘virtual ride’ bike. I understand a TR ride isn’t exactly a virtual ride but the distinction on Strava isn’t important to me since I can see it was a TR activity.

Strava could just as easily fix this bug by making the virtual ride bike apply to both types, but TR seems more responsive to their customers by a long shot.

Perhaps Trainerroad could add a button for us to choose how to upload them.

I love ActivityFix!

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