Workouts getting longer with AT

I’m currently training for a 200 mile ride in the summer and I’m following a low volume plan which has given me success with similar long distance rides in the past like centuries .

I’ve tried to always click on the button to update and alter workouts, figuring that TrainerRoad knows better than me.

However I looked ahead and quite a few Thursdays are increasing in duration from 1 hour to 1.5 hours. Now I admit that this might not seem like much, and I am training for a long event, but I’m wondering what to do.

Should I accept the changes and do my best to accommodate a longer workout judging the working week, or should I look for similar workouts that are only an hour long?

It’s probably more a case of me getting used to it but the point of a low volume plan was the way that I can fit in an hour of training on a Tuesday and on a Thursday and then a longer ride in a Sunday. I can certainly see the benefit of training for a longer time but I need to change my weekday mindset if I’m going to complete enough of these workouts successfully.

Has anyone else noticed the duration changing, or is that just me not looking at the finer details?

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You can always check out the Alternates to the suggested workout that will give similar benefits, but with different durations.


For any given PL, a longer workout will be less intense, so should be no harder to complete


Are you sure that this is not an increase that is part of the plan you are doing?

I have had multiple instances where there are no workouts available for the intended PL and length and AT never adjusts the length of the workout for me.

A quick check of the LV build plans indicates that at least some of them switch from 1 hour to 1.5 hour Thursday workouts for the second half of the block.

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Accept them @Pipipi and if it turns out you don’t have time use the aforementioned ‘Alternates’ function.


Thanks for the replies.

I’m going to do my best to follow it as prescribed and see how it goes.

I think it’s mostly just a mental thing of knowing that the evening workouts are only an hour so I can fit that in, whereas I don’t have as much of a time squeeze at the weekend, so that can go longer.

Really wish plan builder allowed you to edit the min/max time of each workout for the week and have it plan accordingly


Nate mentioned that they have plans to add that type of time limit bracketing in the future.

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on sustained power build? yes I noticed too longer but less PL progress

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