Workout variation effects on training plan

Hi everyone recently restarted TR after some time away. I have potentially a noob question. If I select a plus or minus variation for a particular workout does that change the workouts that are to come in the remainder of the plan? Additionally, if I select for example Antelope +4 And +2 is what was scheduled, +2 appears to be skipped on my calendar. Do I need to do something to rectify this? Thank you.

Picking a single variant only affects that particular workout. It does not propagate to other workouts in the plan.

You don’t ‘need’ to do anything. It just shows what was scheduled and your other variant is what you did.

You could delete the skipped workout if you want, but I don’t think it really matters either way.

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wouldn’t it skew the weekly TSS graph where it shows planned vs actual if you don’t delete the replaced workout?

That is likely. I don’t know if that affects the overall picture or not?

I was thinking of it in light of some of Nate’s comments about big data and potentially amending plans based on your completion rate. so not an issue now but potentially one to be considered going forward?

It also jars with my sense of neatness! :joy::flushed: