TR planned weekly TSS incorrect in calendar due to shifting the workout day


I searched around for this specific problem, but couldn’t find anything; forgive me if it’s been discussed already. Basically this is my fault. I’m doing a Planbuilder workout plan, and last week instead of doing my usual long workout on Sunday I wanted to do it on Saturday. I realize the best way of doing this is to simply drag the Sunday workout entry to Saturday. Instead, I just loaded the “Sunday” workout on Saturday morning. Then, after completing the workout, I deleted the original Sunday calendar entry, since I didn’t need the duplicate entry and didn’t want it to appear that I’d “skipped” a workout. This worked fine in terms of my calendar’s appearance, but it screwed up my “planned” TR TSS for the week – it’s now lower by 116 (the score for the workout I’d shifted). It’s as if my Saturday workout’s 116 TSS score was never included in the weekly plan, presumably because I’d done it off-day and then deleted the original Sunday entry. Does this make sense? It’s a small point, but I’d like to be able to see the correct “planned” TSS for my plan for a given week. Any way to retroactively fix this? Many thanks in advance.

Unfortunately you’ll have to pick the lesser of two evils here haha, either re-upload the Sunday workout and show that it was ‘missed’ but your planned TSS will now be accurate, or just know that your planned TSS is short.
Apologies there isn’t a better work around.

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There might be a what you want (if I understand you correctly):

Do this but then move the workout to Saturday and associate it with the ride you’ve done (go to calendar on the TR web page, click on Saturday, select your done ride, see drop down for “associate with”).

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Thank you – will give that a try.