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I thought it would be fun to start a topic/enCYCLOpedia of the mountains or hills that inspired each of the workouts.

For example:

Workout: Spanish Needle (-3, -2, -1, 0, +1, +2, +3)
Zone: Sprint
Named after: a interesting set of peaks located along the Sierra Crest in the Owens Peak Wilderness in California.


Interested to see a response related to Mary Austin.
Perhaps a question for beers with @chad?


I agree, this would be very cool!

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My guess is this is the reference

Interestingly it’s approached via the “Baxter” pass.


Welp, I know the next stupid TR challenge! Baxter straight into Mary Austin. Who’s in?!?


Mont Albert:,-66.1858403,10.53z

Jacques Cartier is in the same area, a bit further East.

Northern Maine.

Laurentian: a large area North of Montreal.

Mansfield: highest summit in Vermont.


A classic bike climb, part of the Tour de Beauce.

I’m sure we don’t need to expand on Denali, Fuji, Matterhorn, McKinley (funny that both that and Denali are in the list), Washington


I think that’s the one.


Buttertubs!!. (



Carson Pass on California Highway 88 is the south end of the Carson Range that keeps a lot of rain from falling on Reno.


Geiger is the connector from Reno to Virginia City, Nevada. Honestly, a great climb!


Have this one lined up Saturday.

Workout: Tunemah (-2, -1, 0)
Zone: Threshold
Per Yosemite.CA.US
" TUNEMAH PASS, PEAK (11,873) [ Tehipite ]

“This trail acquired its name of Tunemah in a peculiar manner. The sheep-herders in that part of the country employed Chinese cooks. Owing to the roughness of the path they gave vent to their disgust by numerous Chinese imprecations. Gradually the most prominent settled itself onto the trail and it became known as ‘Tunemah’.” (Elesa M. Gremke: To Tehipite Through Silver Canyon, in Sunset Magazine, March, 1901, vol. VI, no. 5, p. 139.)

The pass and peak were named from the trail.

“The name is, as the ingenuous reader is presumed not to know, a Chinese ‘cuss-word’ of very vivacious connotation.” (T. S. Solomons: Unexplored Regions of the High Sierras, in Overland, November, 1896, p. 517.)"

Hopefully I’m not cussing the same way on Saturday.


I’m pretty sure “Stromlo” is a reference to Mount Stromlo in Canberra, Australia.

Funnily enough, the effort is roughly the same as an ascent of the mountain itself, as seen here when I did repeats of Stromlo earlier this year:


Also as per the above, I’m pretty sure that “Ainslie” is another Canberra reference, to Mount Ainslie which looks over the ANZAC war memorial.

An actual ascent of Ainslie takes more than 4 minutes for most people though!


As an ex-climber I’d like to think that North Twin is this

But I suspect it’s something a bit more mundane as Google brings up one in Oregon and one in New Hampshire.


Carpathian Peak is probably referring to this mountain summit in Alaska:

And the hardest one of em all Leconte could be from:

Funny how the highest peak mentioned on that wiki (Clingmans Dome) is also a workout

Starting to see a pattern here…


Well I will ‘nominate’ Boxley Hill which is a steep hill on the North Downs in Kent England. Not a mountain in any sense. Not a long climb. But one of those 4-5 minute efforts where you’re in your lowest gear and out of the saddle and just about making the pedals go round without your heart bursting through your chest. Or maybe that’s just me.

A long time ago Chad mentioned that he was beginning to run out of workout names and I was happy to give him the names of several local climbs in South East UK. I was very happy when I started to see them appearing as actual workouts (not always so happy to actually try to complete them). He seemed to like the names that had a connection like Bluebell and Boxley, Birling and Charing. I’m sure he would be happy to receive your names if you’ve got some good climbs/names.


Ah, did you suggest Spruce Knob and Bald Knob?

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Charing Hill - about 4 miles from where I grew up!

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I can’t claim to have named those.

But I could ride Bald Knob +12 :wink:

I’ll leave you to ride Spruce Knob +1 :rofl:

I love love love this particular type of sweet spot work.

Ebbetts Peak is somewhat unimpressive, but the ride up CA Highway 4 is absolutely spectacular! At the top is a cattle grid (look in my sunglasses) and the Pacific Crest Trail:

This is a very remote area, and the road is basically one lane for many many miles.

Some great memories of unimaginable suffering and triumph when I was a newbie clydesdale cyclist in 2016.