Iron Knob - really?

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If this ever appears on my plan I’d have to do an alternative. My mates here in the UK would have a field day on Strava notwithstanding the fact I’m a multiple IronMan. A few years ago I contacted TR and asked them why they’d changed the name of the workout entitled ‘Big Squaw’. They said it was because some people might find it offensive. Bald Knob, Sam Knob, Icy Knob, Spruce Knob, I mean c’mon, someone’s having a laugh.


Surely being a triathlete you’re pretty used to jokes and mates taking the piss on Strava anyway?


As somebody lacking growth up top, my Strava comment feed lit up with my Bald Knob workout.


Good point.

They should add 2 more work outs, hard knob and for the masters racers soft knob.


Don’t forget Numb Knob for the TT specialists


Named for the small mining town on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula

After the changing of our chat groups to Ride Chris’s Bald Knob, i started changing the names of them asap in Strava, now the group is now named “Spot Chris’s Knob”, and the chat is filled with “is that a bald knob”, “looks like a bald knob” to me comments, usually on a wednesday


The TR workouts are named after mountains/climbs. Lots of mountains are knobs.


Couldn’t you just…change the name of the workout in Strava when you’re done?


As a Brit, I’ll give you a pass, but squaw is a derogatory term for female Native Americans.


Absolutely and I get that, but not in all countries, and it still carries a lude meaning in those countries, it’s one of the things about creating a international application, there are 16 countries in the work that have C%^T as a place name, I’ll still get banned if I use it in this forum


We are working through all of the ‘knob’ workouts and removing that part of the name for each.


Knob is a proper geographical term but we (western society) are too messed up to deal with it.
Another cool geo term is Nunatak.
Didn’t know that about the word squaw.


Those changes are live.
Both “icy” and “iron” already existed as workouts in our library though, so to avoid duplicates, we updated “Iron Knob” and “Icy Knob” to “Iron Mountain” and “Icy Peak” respectively.

We only changed the TrainerRoad production workout names. This change will not affect the names of any Custom Workouts that athletes may have previously made from these workouts in the past, so some athletes may still see workouts with “knob” in the title appear in their Workouts list.


In a way I’m a bit sorry you are removing the Knobs from our workouts. Somehow Bald Hill, Icy Mound , Iron Tump don’t quite do it .
We have some wonderful place names and names for different things in the UK.
Six Mile Bottom, and Pity me, being place names that bring a smile to our face.The US has its own , and I like seeing them on here.
After all they’re not offensive in any way although some of us (UK peeps) like to have a giggle at them.


The problem with this type of “correction” is its a constantly moving target. Changing names every time something becomes “offensive”. Then basically you can’t open your mouth anymore because someone somewhere finds something offensive.

I get why companies such as TR do it, as it affects their image in the world, and a “culturally aware” business model is more profitable.

But as humans, changing historical names is kind of weak. Learn from things and move on, but you cant water down history.


This response seems like it’s drifting into politics debate territory. Let’s remain constructive and remember this is just about cycling workout names.


The definition of knob is “a rounded hill”. Sure the British slang version is funny, but does it really warrant removal? Squaw was understandable.


Fair! But leave the graphic names alone please! They add some fun and grins to the workout. If it is named after places that have a suggestive but not “protected (race, sexual orientation, gender, etc)” name then let them be! Or you’ll be chasing things forever (dicks -1?)