Mary Austin as a Workout Name

I Love the Podcast and have replayed favourites numerous times - but although I typically just listen I wanted to mention the Mary Austin Workout

I just saw the movie Bohemian Rhapsody recounting the life and times Freddy Mercury - and I discovered that Mary Austin was Freddy’s commonlaw wife.

I will now be looking a little closer to these kinds of treasures. That makes suffering that little bit more fun!

I’ve wondered the same with every workout I do – where did that name come from?!

Fittingly, I have Mary Austin tomorrow. Maybe I’ll round up a Queen’s greatest hits playlist to help me get through…god knows it won’t be one of my greatest hits!

good name.
this workout lets me feel like freddy mercury.

IRRC originally the workouts were named after peaks in the Sierra Nevada. Where or how they branched out to now I don’t know.

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Had a chance to drink a Kaweah brown ale at dinner last night, wanted to like the sampler because just did that workout a couple weeks ago!

Looks to me like this is also named after a Sierra Peak.

But, we can use our own interpretations; I guess.