Workout Level discrepancy

Can someone explain why mokelumne has higher level than cheah when it has one less sprint and majority of endurance section is 65% vs 70%?

I wouldn’t get concerned about workout PLs that are within 0.1 - 0.3 of each other. At that point the algorithm is just estimating based on the given parameters. There is certainly some grey area and depending on your physiology/fitness/strengths, etc. you can assume they’re all basically the same difficulty. Think of it as though all PL are just a best estimate and are close enough for any meaningful interpretation.

what is the best way to raise these for review? I opened a ticket and it got closed almost immediately.

Tour de Nez +1 and +2 have an interesting rating compared to each other

What did they TR rep or ticket say?

“Ticket ### was marked as solved…”

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OK, I haven’t submitted one of those, so wasn’t sure what to expect. I’d imagine it’s now logged for review and correction, but that’s a guess.

Email to support like you did is the best method to use though.

Thanks Chad! I’ll do that too!

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