Matching an outside workout with a custom workout

Yesterday I did a 6 hour ride outside. Aimed for .65 IF

In workout creator I created a 6 hr workout at 65%

Is matching them a good/ neutral/ negative thing when the goal is to accurately reflect the progress in TR?

There is a known bug where some workouts made in the creator can lead to incorrect Workout Levels. When that happens, it skews your Progression Levels.

If you build the workout, review its Workout Levels and only use it if they are realistic.

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6 hours at .65 IF, and TSS of 310 got me an Endurance workout with a PL of 10. Realistic? I’m not familiar with the math behind PLs so I don’t know but my gut tells me it is a bit high.

Might be time for me to reach out to support.

There are 2 6h Z2 workouts in TR library:

  • Bandeira (PL 8.7, TSS 262, IF 0.66)
  • Cuyama (PL 9.5, TSS 278, IF 0.68)

I do longer Z2 rides semi-regularly, stopped bothering with endurance PL completely. AT recommendations don’t work for it anyway. It does not seem affected AI FTP detection, it is still quite spot on