Workout level numbers

This is my first post, so apologies if this is a daft question.

I get the rating next to the workouts relating to difficulty of 1 - 10, what I can’t seem to find is the significance of the second number so 5.X for example?

Anyone point me in the right direction.



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This thread has all you need to know about Progression Levels.

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Is it not just a further differentiation between the difficulty of workouts. So a 5.3 will be marginally harder than a 5.2 and that will be marginally harder than a 5.1.

I think the “official” term is progression levels. A discrete difficulty level based on integers 1-10 wouldn’t be a fine enough scale.

Or are you referring to something else?

I had a feeling it would be something around that, just wondering if it was anything else…makes perfect sense what you are saying though. Cheers

excellent, thanks. I will have a look through these.

Just more precise level detail for I think a sensible progression. AT might advance you from say a 5.3 to a 5.6 in the SS PL and gradually build it to say a 7.0, but it wouldn’t be sensible for AT to advance you in one go from a level 5.3 to a 7.0 without burning you out.

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Everyone has covered how the workout levels work. I will add a caveat in case you start to actually compare some workouts and their levels, they’re not perfect by any means. But, TR says when WLv2 comes out this will all be fixed. So hopefully, in a few months(?) this will no longer be an issue.

Actually, the official term is “Workout Level,” which applies only to the workout. The term “progession level” applies only to the athlete, despite its widespread misuse in the forum. Minor quibble…that won’t make you faster :upside_down_face:


Ha ha, yes you are right of course :slight_smile: I wish that correction would make me faster given I’ve just copped out on today’s session less than half way through :frowning: