McAdie +1....... tips anyone?

Anyone else got this in their calendar tomorrow?

Having found the ‘normal’ version ‘fun’ last week I’m looking forward to this! Any tips?

Snap actually, it’s on my to do list tomorrow!

It’s basically Palisade but with an extra interval on each block i think? It’s gonna suck, i know that :frowning:

Just think as each set as an individual workout. Let your mind bitch about it, but finish what you start. Then just do one more because you got plenty of time to rest and you can always do one more. Be over before you know it.


Yup. Be in the moment and focus on the “now”.

Ignore the “later”.

  • Note: easier said than done, I know.
  • My last run in this included two partial fails at the end.

Try to tell yourself it doesn’t hurt as bad as you think it does. Relax your face and body, even SMILE if you can to tell yourself you “enjoy” this workout (lies…).


Imagine someone you hate is on your wheel and suffering severely :grin:


I’ve got this on the list for tomorrow too. What are the odds?
I suffered through Reinstein a couple weeks ago, so I imagine tomorrow’s going to suck. I just use the same trick Nate says in the podcasts - just tell yourself one more interval, then once you do it you know you can do one more.

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Tell yourself that THIS workout is the hardest one you’re going to come up against in your TR plan, and therefore gives you THE biggest opportunity to improve if you make it through (and then recover after).


@jonbar123 Just finished this one a few days ago. Deep breaths, focuse on each smaller piece of the pie (not the overwhelming 48 minutes of intervals), and pick some good music!

All good stuff guys!

As I say to my wife every time I come in from the garage… ‘toughest one yet’.

She also hears me mutter…’it never gets easier, you just get faster.’

Each block at a time has got me through so far. Here’s hoping will be the same tomorrow. Those who have it tomorrow - are you doing SSB mid vol 1?

Have to say - am equally excited and nervous about next ramp test.

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Yeah, SSB Mid Vol 1 for me.

I’d love to do well in the ramp test, but the first few workouts are really gonna suck after :frowning:


Just had this this morning at 6am. Was tough but managed to do it all ok. Last interval was really tough, but psyched myself to finish it on target, as I knew this was the hardest session on SSB Mid Vol. 1, and the next week will be a much needed recovery week.


Let the fun begin

Edit: 2/4 done. Everything hurts, but I’m still alive so far.
Edit: 3/4 done. Home stretch baby!


Go for it! I was just out in garage looking at the bike with some sense of dread… :joy:

Will be getting on about 330PM GMT.


Well done! I’m not sure I’ll be in any position to text!!


Finished, hoozah

You’ll be alright, it didn’t really seem any worse than Paliside. Wouldn’t like to do it anytime soon though!


Well done again.

I will let you know…

It’s a positive aspect of the forum. Not that I’m letting anyone down if I did struggle to complete but it’s a good healthy motivation to be able to come back later and say ‘done!’ :grin:


Accountability does count for something.

Can be good or bad, depending on those involved, but usually a good deal.

Well done.

Also just re-thinking - this isn’t that much of a comforting thought! Lol


Cheers bud :blush:

Yeah, when it was really hurting I didn’t want to come back on here and say I’d failed :roll_eyes: It’s kind of why I set up that thread about what workout did you do today, it keeps people accountable and hopefully serves as motivation


It got done! Just about though.

Feel like a boy who became a man today. :joy:

Here’s a question - does a plan ramp up over the weeks?
E.g my FTP was 234 five weeks ago. If I had tried to do McAdie +1 the day after that FTP test - could I have done it? Or, as I hope, has the training over the past number of weeks increased my fitness to allow me to complete it today (as scheduled within the plan)?