Fell off the wagon, feeling lousy

So there I was, with two more hard workouts left before the recovery week in SSBMV1. Geiger was hard for me, but got it done on Thursday. I had noticed that I have been having a harder and harder time with my workouts, even ones that seemed like they shouldn’t be hard. I also was coming to the realization that MV was probably too much for me to start with, having never done any sort of structured training previously.

Then on Friday, I went downhill skiing for the day. I haven’t skied in about 15 years, was rusty, but had a ball. Saturday I woke up feeling tired, and a little sore, but went ahead to do Mc Adie+1, which was on my calendar. The warmup put me in a bad place, very quickly, and I decided to cut the intensity of the first full interval down to 90%, and see how I bounced back, maybe I just needed a little more warm up. I only got through the first under-over within the first full interval. Sure I could have probably made it a little further, but I surely wasn’t going to complete the workout, so I just bailed, and decided to do Taku, a very low intensity 30 minute workout. Sunday morning, I was soooo sore! I haven’t experienced sore muscles like this in a very long time. Later on Sunday, I was feeling like a should do something, but didn’t want to ride, so I did a little snowshoeing in our woods. Felt good to move, but it probably slowed my recovery. Still slightly sore today, but stayed off the bike. Tomorrow I’ll start my recovery week before my Ramp test and start of SSBLV2 next week. Maybe I’ll slip in a workout with a little more intensity to make for the fact that I bailed on two hard ones on Saturday and Sunday.

I guess I don’t really have any questions, just wanted to complain. Tell me your blow-up stories if you care to. Cheers!

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Most times that I do this, I wish I didn’t. Don’t beat yourself up over it, rest well and hit SSB2 hard

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Don’t slip in the extra workouts add intensity. Just recover. You were sailing along then your body told you to chill. Don’t go back and try to recover what you missed. Recover and move on! You get stronger when you recover from hard work, so recover!


This is good reason why using the fitness/freshness scores is critical. Sometimes it’s OK to push when you’re fatigued, but when you reach a breaking point, rest, and then you’ll come back stronger. Trying to make up for missed workouts or intensity doesn’t help. Rest, reset, come back stronger.

Thanks everybody for your responses. Felt good today, and got back to it tonight with a nice mellow workout. I’m going to just do my recovery week and look forward, sort of, to my ramp test next week.


What fitness freshness score if you don’t mind me asking?

Keep up the good work. The next ride is the next ride, not the last one. SO in the end it does not matter!

Strava has one for premium members, but I prefer the one in TrainingPeaks. The data is useful if you’re trying to load up your fatigue level while your form syncs, you then note how you feel as your recover and your form comes good again. Very helpful for understanding how to peak for races.