McAdie +1 Didn't Dissapoint

I’m on the last week of SSB1 Mid Volume. I’ve been eyeing this workout for weeks now. I’ve moved the Saturday workouts to mid week because the weather has allowed me to get outside and ride the MTB on weekends. McAdie +1 scared me a little bit after the first couple of weeks of over/under workouts where I was so uncomfortable but I was able to complete it at the prescribed intensity today. The reason I’m posting this is I have to echo some of the recommendations that the over/under progression of this workout phase should not be skipped. Even with the alterations to the plan to allow for a 3-4h weekend MTB ride, I made sure I left the over/under progression in. Completely worth the time and effort during the week.

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Glad to hear you didn’t skip it, and that you were able to make it through it at the set intensity!
:muscle: Those over-unders are invaluable to pushing your FTP higher, while making it easier to tolerate the fatigue you accumulate around FTP.


I must be just a few days ahead of you. I too am doing ssbmv1, and just did McAdie+1. I was really pretty intimidated by it, as it is considerably more difficult than anything before it in the plan. Now that I succeeded in doing it without any cheats, I feel like there’s nothing else in the plan that scares me. I feel like I’ve made some gains, and am looking forward to my next ramp test, but not necessarily the increase in difficulty of all the subsequent workouts!

I’m often surprised by which workouts give me problems. McAdie +1 was hard, but I managed. The one that I failed was Spencer in the old SSB mv2. The jump from 2 minute VO2max intervals in Mills the preceding week to 3 minute intervals was too much. I took a second try at it again a week later. Now I’ve just started Sustained Power Build mv and I’m intimidated by Red Lake +8 coming up Sunday.