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Other than training peaks is their any other software I can use to create workouts for TR. I really don’t get on with the workout creator.
Something like for zwift?


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WC is not the easiest thing to use but it is not that bad. It is much easier if you find a similar session already in TR and then edit that rather than start from scratch

Something new is promised to appear soon…


Any news on Workout Creator update? I’m in desperate need, since the Adobe Air is not supported on macOS Catalina and I can’t install the Workout Creator on a new laptop.


I’d love to know as well. Been holding off on the Catalina upgrade for other reasons (bugs!) but would love to have a web-based workout creator.

Here’s the most recent (Oct 12) official word I could find on the forum :

This still rings true. We have not started working on the Workout Creator at this time because our Developers are currently assigned to other projects. It is still a planned feature, but we have no ETA at this time.

I’m sorry I don’t have better news :confused:.


Being able to craft workouts in TR using WC is important feature to me. Am sure you guys have stats on how many of us do that and would bet its a small minority of users. Regardless, please don’t eliminate WC or let it die.

Current WC is simple and easy so doesn’t have to be an elaborate component of the TR experience.



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The Workout Creator is an essential part of TrainerRoad and we certainly will not be getting rid of it. We have plans to bring it away from the old .air based application and onto the web, but we do not have the available resources to do so at the moment. That being said, as projects are completed, resources will free up to work on the revamped Workout Creator :+1:.


Try this you can easily build a workout then download it as an ERG file. Drag the file into the TR workout creator and then publish workout. You should be able then to select your workout as you would any other in the TR library. It’s free, super easy to use and has good instructional videos to get you started.

That’s an interesting tool, but the TrainerRoad workout creator is still needed.

The pressing issue is that the workout creator is an Adobe AIR app and from what I’ve read, AIR apps aren’t supported in MacOS Catalina (10.15.x). Though, I could be wrong. :thinking:

Maybe someone who’s tried the workout creator on Catalina, can confirm?

N=1 the existing WC app works on MacOS 10.15. I last used it late last week without any issues

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on 10.15.4 air has stopped working :frowning:

working here, I just made this:

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PC or Mac? On my Mac can design the workout but it gags at publishing it. Stinks as I utilize Workout Creator a lot and since I use TR mostly as an fancy interval timer (and calendar) not being able to create my own workouts is a big reduction in value to me.

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My Mac:

and for giggles since I’ve been up and on conf calls since 6am, just made and published another one:


read this for possible resolution:

and if that fails send email to

N=1 again, but I just launched the Workout Creator and it is still working for me after upgrading to 10.15.4.

At least on the Mac, the most current version of Adobe Air (needed to run the workout creator) is version 32. Double check this.

Tnx guys No joy. Mojave on three machines. Confirmed Air 32 and still get the endless keychain dialog box. Two of the machines are old but maybe my wife will upgrade her fancy new laptop to Catalina for me. Or maybe she won’t know… heh heh heh

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Create a new user and try on that account. If it works then a little command line magic in your user account will fix it.

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Awesome – TR WC is functional from the “guest” account and was able to update and create some custom workouts.

Thanks very much for the suggestion. I’d tried a keychain reset, deleting the quarantine, turning off iCloud and poking around for broken keychain solutions.


p.s. I’d give your help post a <3 but you know, that was a one day thing :-]

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Sometime this weekend I’ll try and figure out a command-line incantation to use on your normal account.

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