Workout Creator Shambles

I don’t know if I’m a bit late to the party but the custom workout creator is absolutely terrible. It keeps asking me to log in every 5 minutes and trying to structure a workout is near on impossible. I surely must be using an old software or something because this is dated af. All I want to do is a 10 minute warm up which ramps to X to Y and then stay at Y for Z minutes and then ramp back down to X

There’s been a few threads on its inadequacies in the past. I’ve not used it my self in years having long since given up on it. I tend to create workouts myself in the free version of Training Peaks your limited to a day in advance though.

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Everything is pretty sweet except for this, I’ve had to use Zwift to create a workout which is so simple and effective. I’d rather they concentrated on getting this sorted than adding to the ever growing workout list!


I didn’t know about this, I might check it out and see how it compares to the OG Zwift

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I’d suggest emailing to review that issue. That sounds like some sort of rights issue or other bug.

TR workout creator goes way back to before Zwift even existed. They just haven’t really kept it updated - hence bugs.

nothing to add on the issue, but I’ll echo the thoughts on updating it. I made a javascript based workout creator which exports to MRC format and when I had TR I’d just use the workout creator to import the file. I can’t imagine it would be that difficult for TR to make something web based where you can do the same thing with the additional coding to do the final conversion to TR format.

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Pretty sure you can save a complete list of custom workouts in the free version of TrainingPeaks, and just drag them in as needed. Populates to your TR calendar two days out I think. (One Caveat: Not 100% sure what functionality is available on the free vs. paid)

You used to be able to do that for sure, but I couldn’t repeat it when I’ve tried lately :neutral_face:

It is like your old truck that is parked out back, you can drive it, it works… but could break down at any moment. But you aren’t putting any time or money into it but every once in a while you want to drive it or need it for a dump run. Can’t complain when it breaks down, you knew what you were getting into. :grin:

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Its probably safe to assume TR has a much better version of the workout creation tool they use in house (I hope so). Seems like it would be easy to just make that tool available to subscribers.

It is easier to create workouts in Intervals.ICU, download a MRC copy of it, and then import it into TR workout creator.

It can also be sent to Garmin for outdoors and Zwift (with cadence targets!), plus there is no limit on the number of workouts you can store/access, unlike TP free

Hey there,

To be real with you here, the Workout Creator isn’t perfect. :upside_down_face:

We’re aware that it’s quite buggy, but we haven’t revisited the WC as we’ve ultimately decided that we can help athletes get faster by focusing our energy on AI in in cycling and improving our current apps.

Many athletes use alternative workout builders from TrainingPeaks or Final Surge (which are free to use!). Custom workouts built on those platforms can then be synced over to TrainerRoad.

Here are some troubleshooting steps that should resolve the issue you’re running into:

  • Close out of the Workout Creator if it’s already running.
  • Go to your keychains and delete the internet password for It should show up like the screenshot below, and you can search for it using the box in the upper right.

  • Open up the Workout Creator. If you get anything other than the Workout Creator Login Dialog (see screenshot below), try to click through until you can log out of the Workout Creator.


  • Enter your credentials. If you get the system login with the option to save your password, then cancel it and try entering them in the Workout Creator login dialog box.

Hopefully that info helps you out! Feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions.

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Not everyone is in the Apple ecosystem… Windows, Android instructions would be helpful. Thanks.


Read further up the thread. I clicked on the Final Surge link, and the graphics sure look like TR. Is that the case? Has there been anything posted on it anywhere yet? Curious minds…

The issue they were running into is specific to Apple – do you happen to be running into similar problems on Windows? If so, could you describe the trouble you’re running into so we can help sort things out for you?

The Workout Creator is desktop-only, so we don’t have any instructions for Android.

Could you clarify on your question regarding Final Surge? I don’t understand what you mean.

Ah, thanks. Didn’t realized it was Apple specific.

On the latter, my question was whether Final Surge was a skunkworks project of TR and if so, has it been announced/promoted/referenced anywhere. Graphics seem amazingly similar if it’s not by TR…[](

See for me, I have a cycling coach as well as a TR subscription. Although there is a whole catalogue of workouts, I’d to be able to put his recommendations into a platform and perform the workout. I did this yesterday but had to use Zwift which was an absolute breeze to do

Just my 2 pence worth, I would probably look at improving the workout creator rather than adding another 3200+ workouts. Not everyone wants to use A.I


I was coached and ran TR also back in 2015/16 I managed to make a catalogue of work outs in TP after having a lot of problems with WO Creator, but I think TP removed the ability of free users to store stuff in a catalogue. Thankfully my coach started creating workouts so I didn’t have to any more.

What platform did he use for that?