Workout creator/custom workouts

I remember reading something somewhere, about a new workout creator being developed. Maybe I’m imagining this. I love the TR platform, but not the plans. I thought AT had promise, but haven’t been a fan of that either.

For those of you not following plans, what is the easiest way to create workouts and export to TR?

Workout creator is making it pretty time consuming to create things.

Workout Creator or build them in TrainingPeaks and link it to TR.

^ I prefer TrainingPeaks on a computer, and they sync to TR.

On mobile I use Garmin Connect, but that won’t sync to TR.

Yep…with the caveat that you can import existing TrainerRoad workouts into Workout Creator & edit them as you see fit. That can be handy for that TR workout that is just almost what you’re looking for but the intervals are just 30s too short…or the rest period is just 45s too long…or whatever…maybe you’d like to just add an interval…or maybe you’d like to just delete an interval. Maybe you want the recover work rate to be 20W higher. Whatever! Workout Creator is handy for that type of stuff.

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