Workout Creator status - Adobe Air error, need for BBS

Hi, For years I have found IM race courses in Best Bike Split, created races for myself and trained with them on TR by using Workout Creator (exported file from BBS threw in WC and had a ride) the great way I like to train and plan for race day.

Yesterday I tried to open Workout Creator to put a ERG file in there from BBS for my September HIM race, and got the error about Adobe Air not working, and gong to Adobe site, there doesn’t seem to be a replacement. Workout Creator will not even open.

Can anyone help?


Search google for adobe air and download from there… The link that the app sends you too is incorrect, I had the same problem and sorted it by doing that…

Depending on your OS, that may be correct…

A couple of support articles like this one:

have download links for Adobe Air for Windows. Send an email to if you need help.

Thank you Ashley! I am downloading the Mac version now :relaxed: Hopefully I can get this sorted out today.

I’d be super-wary of a 3rd party download site. I realize adobe seems to have pulled the download and there may not be an official download source anymore, which hella-sucks, but getting a computer virus / malware / ransomware can suck a lot more.

yup, and thats why anyone wanting the Windows download should go to TR support article I provided above, as that provides a link to the Air installer from Microsoft.

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Thanks all. I’ll look at the article but I’m on a Mac so that’s why when I saw it was mentioned for PC, I didn’t look there right away but maybe it can help.

Lisa B.

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I’m on a MacBook Pro running the latest OS (Big Sur 11.4), and Workout Creator is working for me. If you go to Adobe’s Air site, you’ll see that Harman has taken over support. Then you go to Harman’s website for Adobe which references AirSDK for mobile/desktop which takes you here and the second link is the download for Air Runtimes and its here:

Looking at my own MacBook, I see that its time to uninstall version and update to the latest Air for MacOS (version

Hope that helps.

  1. Downloaded latest Air Runtime for MacOS using that last link above (
  2. Uninstalled the old Air
  3. Installed the latest Air
  4. WorkoutCreator is still working on my MacBook Pro running latest macOS Big Sur 11.4

Thanks for all your help! I will give it a try tonight or tomorrow. I had just updated a week or so ago to Big Sur 11.4 so should be all set there.

Hi, I am back at this finally today. I had to drag my old Air to the trash to uninstall it, the installer/uninstaller was referencing a damage framework. I was able to then install the new air and WorkoutCreator opened without issue – thanks again!!

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