Workout creator Advice

Can anyone advice a workout creator which I can then download it as a fit and transfer to my device? I don’t use Garmin or Wahoo.

Tried Cheetah but no success, Garmin and TR does not allow me to download my custom workouts either.


Zwo factory allows workouts to be created and saved in multiple formats.

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I use a Polar M460 for outside rides and in the diary just match the interval length and repeatability. I can’t set power targets so use the equivalent hr for the effort instead. The workout can be saved as a favourite and used again at another time or amended as necessary.

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Interesting. Can I import a .zwo file into TrainerRoad?

EDIT: Just found that you can export in ERG and MRC formats but then have to import them via the TR workout creator, which I don’t want to use as it necessitates installing Adobe Air (crap s.ware). Oh well.

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Never tried it but can you go from Zwofactory to TP then to TR?

That’s an idea - thanks. I’ll give it a go.