Trainingpeaks to Workout Creator

Hi All,

It looks like Trainingpeaks changed their Export Workout File to only be ‘FIT’ and ‘ZWO’ and no longer contains ‘ERG’ or ‘MRC’. Is there way/workaround to get the FIT or ZWO files to transfer over as easily as the ERG or MRC files did? It was super easy before so I’m hoping it’s just a short term issue.

I still have ERG or MRC as options for download…

Maybe check again?

OK…how do i import into Workout Creator? I was looking for this on the weekend.

same here, just used it.

download as Erg file, then drag&drop into WorkoutCreator.

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Are you using Mac or Windows?
Drag and drop doesnt seem to be working in Windows unless I am really doing this wrong.

EDIT: Nevermind it was WHERE i was trying to drop it. If you drop on the list of workouts it works.
Wow WTF have I been doing with my life trying to rebuild out 16wk plans…


You got this now :+1:t3:

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Weird, mine is still only showing as FIT and ZWO. Could it be how my coach is building the workouts?

curious, do you have a free TP account? Not sure if that matters.

Is there a way to do this in two steps - zwo or fit to erg, then drag/drop erg into TR Workout Creator?

One question: is it a HR-based workout, not power? I remember one time running into an issue where it was HR-based and I couldn’t download it properly.

Depending on the number of workouts you are looking to convert you can likely just whip it up in under 2-5min per workout.
Until I found the download trick I literally built out 80+ workouts in the span of two days in some spare time. Especially because workouts don’t change their fundamental form all that much, once you have a few templates to build from it goes very quickly.