Outside workout creation

A question, can you create your own outside workout?

Not at this time.

Not in TR but you can create workouts in Garmin Connect and send them to your device. They’ll look and run just like the TR outdoor workouts. (I assume Wahoo has the same feature) How To Create Custom Workout On Garmin Connect. Your Own Training Session. - YouTube (The smart folks have been doing this with TR workouts for years :wink:

Then there is the low tech old standby of white tape + sharpie . . . .


For Wahoo devices you can recreate TrainerRoad outdoor workouts through TrainingPeaks or Today’s Plan and sync them with your head unit. Been using this since joining TR and been riding exclusively outdoor (no smart trainer yet) and it works really well. It only costs a couple of minutes to create the workout and you’re good to go.


I can create workouts on my Polar M460 for outside use, replicating the TR workout.

Diddo. I Do this for every workout

Yep, same here. Long before TR was adding the feature of riding outdoor I replicated the workouts in TrainingPeaks. Sync to whatever device and your good to go outdoors.
But now they’ve tweaked the workouts for outdoor I take those ones. A good move if you ask me.

You can also use ergdb.org. Their textbased editor is incredibly quick and easy to use. If using a Wahoo device, you do have to connect it via usb cable to upload, though.