Working While on Trainer

A combination of two things I’d sometimes rather avoid, but has anyone tried to do a longer aerobic-type workout on the trainer with some type of standing desk right in front of you?


Heres some desk ideas:

Every time I move around on the trainer my HR moves around and I don’t like it so I’ve tossed this idea into the bin for myself

I don’t “work” but I do spend plenty of time on the long endurance rides skimming through the forum and doing other reading. I use a mini-keyboard mounted to my aero bars to control the PC without the need for a desk over the bike.


Oh a workout, when you said work, I thought a day job :joy:

For sure, I was speaking of day gig.

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I’m also thinking that’s where this idea will wind up, as my HR goes up a few beats easily when I sit upright vs. leaning down on the bars. For the aerobic stuff though, I’m armchair theorizing that my power target–although lower for sure–is less important than keeping the heartrate where I want it for enough time to be worthwhile.

Done some classes for students during Z2 rides. I basically critique their work and discuss how it should be improved so something like 1-2h of talking. To be fair I was always saying that I am on a trainer and my a little heavier breathing is not because of my amazement with the quality of the work.

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Early mornings on the trainer, I use recovery intervals I triage my work emails from the night before :grinning:

FYI, the Wahoo trainer and similar “homages” work great for working while riding at endurance pace. Wouldn’t use it for high-level cognitive work, but it’s great for basic writing and emails that I can block out during a 60-120 minute period.

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