Working/Typing while on trainer

I’m wondering how/if people are able to do work on the trainer. Like most of you my time is limited. I’ve got a full time job, plus another business that needs constant attention and 4 kids and a wife. On top of that I want to be in the best shape I can which means putting in some decent hours on the trainer over the winter.

I’m hoping to get more base miles (TrainerRoad “endurance” workouts) in on the trainer but the only way I can see it fitting in without dropping the ball on my other responsibilities is if I could get some work done while on the trainer. If I could even just respond to emails, that would be a huge help. I seem to remember @mcneese.chad saying he did a lot of his forum moderation while on the bike.

Anyone have any luck being productive while training? What does your setup look like? Would the wahoo desk, or something like it, with wireless keyboard be there way too go?

Any help from people who’ve made this work would be much appreciated.

Just a starter for now, but a wireless mini keyboard attached to my aerobars has worked well for years of PC use.

As mentioned in those posts and elsewhere, I do a lot of PC use during endurance level workouts. Anything above that is questionable for quality, so I reserve anything important for long recoveries or off-bike work.

ETA: Link for my current keyboard, that has been in service for nearly 3 years. Works great.

All I am able to do is reading and responding to emails with my phone.
perhaps you could try voice typing?

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I can listen well to calls, but not much else. And I’ve found that not supporting yourself with your hands can lead to some preventable saddle sore issues if you do it for long periods.

If training intensity is low, I can watch YouTube/Netflix or listen to a podcast. Otherwise it’s just music. I can’t imagine doing actual work while training.


I can read and respond to emails no worries, either on endurance rides or in recovery periods between intervals.

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Thank you for all the responses and ideas. I guess I’ll give it a go and see if I can make something work for me. If successful, will report back.