Acer cycling desk

Wouldn’t want to actually use this for workouts but interested in the idea of getting a few hours of Z1 in every day outside of training sessions.
Wonder if the ‘workouts’ could be exported to Strava so they could be tracked on Trainer Road, wouldn’t want to throw on a HR strap but maybe this plus a smart watch with HR…

Graduating this spring and will be moving into a desk job with likely some component of ‘virtual’ appointments, can see myself pedalling along at 30-50% while working.

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Just use your existing trainer and get one of those desk trainers or the wahoo one!

The ergonomics of that thing alone looks like you’d get no specificity and maybe just burn some calories as a benefit

Can you plug more than 75W of devices in if you pedal harder?

Yeah, as I said wouldn’t be looking to do workouts but just keep the legs moving in sub-Z2, wouldn’t ever both trying to put it into ‘sport mode’ or ‘workout mode’ but seems better than one of those under desk pedalling things.
Also looking at those under desk walking pads for working at a standing desk.
Feel like the Acer desk looks a little more ‘professional’ than having a full on bike on the trainer and trainer desk setup, expect to still be seeing some patients in office so need something that looks a bit more office appropriate.

Ah yea, in that case this would fit right it in for that environment, and yes, much better than the under-desk things. It said it tracks watts and progress so possibly…depends on the file it generates.