Best, cheapest, DIY hacks for standing desk for laptop, tablet, etc

Hi folks,
Did a quick search and didn’t find this topic (but apologies of I missed it with my search words), but I am wondering what people’s best hacks are for your indoor setup for your laptop and whatever else you may want within arm’s reach? (As an alternative to Wahoo’s $300 standing desk, for example). Preferably not homemade options, but looking for products you bought elsewhere (e.g., at Ikea). Thanks!

While not terribly cheap, this seems to be a good option at about half the price of the Wahoo Desk:


Ironing board - it ain’t the prettiest but it’s functional and easily broken down for storage.


Kind of a hack, you be the judge… The cheap white plastic table from Costco doesn’t extend high enough to clear my handlebars, but it’s possible to add a stack of wood on garage floor to raise it.

Probably too hacky, just a thought.

Edit: my wife hates it, but I’m too cheap to buy a monitor arm for the workbench/table to the right of bike. We had two of those white tables in the shed, and its the right height for 24" monitor and fan.


I’ve been looking for a desk too.

What are people’s thoughts on this:


That looks pretty tempting, @bherbers. It would be handy while I’m working on my bike, too!

If you end up buying let me know how it works!

Or you can just use a decent quality music stand.


That’s what I use, plenty of room for everything, very adjustable, sturdy and affordable.

I’ve been ditching the chair and using my knees, squating at my desk and all sorts of weird things like that. My hip flexor has been playing up and I find as long as I can get my torso straight it helps


I’ll update this thread if I get it, for sure.

Hated taking the plunge but I went with the Wahoo desk after trying several hacks. A few reasons I like it. First the adjustability is spot on. Second, it has little slots all around it which allow me to have my HR strap so I don’t misplace it. Third the grip surface holds my MacBook Pro securely. And finally the slots around the edge allow me to wrap/tie my power and USB cords so they don’t slide off and don’t put stress on my power and USB-C ports. I definitely still think it is steep but sometimes the right tool isn’t cheap.


This table from IKEA looks like it might be an option for a laptop, unless it prevents you from getting the laptop close enough to you? Haven’t tried it as I use a tablet mounted to a tripod.

I’m currently using a music stand that I had laying around but I would like something a little larger with a couple of cupholders and compartments to hold small items like my Ant+ dongle, etc. by the time I get my laptop, phone, earbuds, TV remote, etc. all on there it is a little tight. A specific design with the platform offset from the base some would also help.

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This one works in Office, Home or Clinics. I use this for several applications. From Signing table, Desk, Food Tray, 65dlls…


Yup. I trained for all of my first SSB1 with only an old ironing board with my laptop and two cheap desk fans on either side.


Another nice option, although sold out at the moment.

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That Lifeline Trainer Table is almost a complete knock off of the Wahoo stand. If it’s the same quality, it would be well worth the money.

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I’ve been using an ironing board as a laptop stand for years now and can’t for the life of me think why I won’t continue to do so.