Trainer/Home Office for Working

Anyone tried to incorporate working at the same time as training? Given the amount of time I have to spend in front of a computer, and that a majority of that time is now at home, I’ve been searching for a way to do trainer sessions while working at the same time.

Initially, I tried the Wahoo desk. But ultimately, I found that I just couldn’t really work while in the normal cycling position. So, I ended up picking up a cheap recumbent bike (a real one, not exercise bike) and the cheapest stand up desk I could find. So far, it works pretty well, although works best for steady/endurance type rides as opposed to doing intervals or higher ftp segments.

In addition to a road bike, I also own a recumbent bike that I ride often, but it is very reclined, and not suitable for working, so I ended up looking for a recumbent with a low bottom bracket with an upright seat so that I would be in a more typical “desk” position. Found a used Sun EX Sport, which is probably one of the most upright recumbent bikes out there. Also, thought about using a recumbent exercise bike, but don’t like the wide q factor and unrealistic feel.

Thought others might like to see a picture of the set up:


Do you have a company issued cell phone? If so, and if your company is able to load some of the programs onto it that you need, you can use a TT bike (or aero bars on a road bike) and hold the phone with both hands working. I may or may not spend around 5 hours a week doing this - actually my “clean out my inbox hour” each day is on the bike.

It’s hard to do anything worthwhile on an actual computer with a keyboard in any sort of position that translates reasonably well

I doubt I could do anything over an Endurance session and still be able to concentrate on work.

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I strongly considered that but its been downvoted by my better half :frowning_face: My goal was to increase volume, so I consider ‘works best for easy/stead’ to be an advantage.

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I’ve found more luck in sneaking a ride in between work / meetings than during. I’d +1 on the phone or tablet approach while on the trainer. If you are on calls that are listen only mode - there is your salvation

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Teams meetings where I don’t need to do much talking… I can usually hop on the trainer for 30-40 minutes. if I need to talk I just unmute myself and lower my cadence.