Working on weakness, sub 5min power

Long time TR user. Followed the usual progress for some years now, combining trainer workouts in the winter with outside structured training when possible. I commute and follow LV plans (increased now to MV as the virus has me WFH). I really don’t race but typically target one or two hilly Grand Fondos each year. Thus I’ve followed sustained power quite a few times. This has given me a fairly good diesel engine, but the top end is lacking. I see that I “crush” my riding buddies on segments of longer duration, but sub 5 minutes we are more even. I.e. I’d like to “crush” them on the shorter climbs as well :laughing: :laughing:

I understand this means more VO2-work. I just stepped back to base, and will complete 12 weeks of MV base. What shoul I do for build? I don’t want to miss too much of my “diesel”-power, so perhaps General Build is the way to go? Or should I simply go all in and do Short Power Build and accept a slight loss in the muscle endurance. Given that VO2 is more “easy come, easy go” than muscle endurance might not suffer too much from a 8 week SP block.

And, what is the long term benefit of 8 week SP block? If I further down the line again focus on sustained power as I target hilly GFs of Haute Route-like events in 2021. Will I simply suffer for 8 weeks with some gains this year, or would this also help in the long term.

Sorry for the messy post, juggling WFH and two kids in home school atm…

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