Traditional base low volume + MAF running + Swimming + Strength

Hello, I thought I would share a bit about my past training, what I am currently doing and my future plans and see if others had any feedback or could benefit from discussion around my plans if they are in a similar situation.
I am relatively new to endurance training, 1.5 years in with general fitness background prior, and been with TR about a year. My use of TR has been erratic as I have edited my plans quite a bit as I have not been doing rides over 45 min during the week (would need to swap our for similar rides of shorter length than prescribed) and would replace 90 min trainer rides on weekends for unstructured outdoor rides. I also got away from TR for several months while I trained for my first marathon this Spring.
I did my first fondo (Whistler a few weeks ago) and have the bug to really improve my bike.

So what I am currently doing now is Sustained Power Build low volume and trying to add one additional 60 min endurance ride a week, so I think this puts me somewhere between low and mid volume in sustained power build. I thought I would be fine going into this plan as my training load was quite mild leading up to it given my unstructured approach. I am ending week 2 of 8 and so far so good. I am also swimming once a week for an hour and running once, maybe twice a week at my MAF HR for 45-60 min.

My plan after sustained power build is to do traditional base low volume, all 3 phases (3 rides per week), run once a week at MAF HR, Swim once per week for 60 min, Strength work out once per week.

What I really want to do during this phase is build my aerobic engine. I have lots of time with no target race until spring or early summer and if I did I would not be trying to win or anything. Building my aerobic engine is the focus. I do want to keep all 3 sports going as I may target my first 70.3 in 2020 if dates and location I can figure out. I also want to do strength for injury prevention and overall benefits. I will only workout once per day and realistically will need to have one day per week of nothing.

If you are or have been in a similar situation or have any comments please share.
Thank you,