Great until above FTP

So I’m about to start and actually stick to a TR plan. I’ve previously done segments of some but often am wrapped up in running training or just doing a lot of riding outdoors (on the basis of it’s what I like to do), but I figured I’d at least add a LV plan to get some structure in. I ramp tested to 300W today (4.1 W/kg) although I think a combo of no fan, 90% humidity, and coming off a 1400 TSS week hurt that a bit.

What I’m not sure on is if I should just do the standard iteration (SSB → General Build → Etc) or focus more on “sprint” type stuff. My 1min and even 5min power are not particularly good, and I struggle on the ramp test to hit the higher intervals BUT I can also go out and do a 5 hour ride at IF of > 0.9. Anyone in a similar boat? Any suggestions?

Are you training for anything? That would dictate, in part, what you need to work on.

If it’s just to become an all rounder and if work above FTP really kills you, a block focussing on increasing FRC could be useful.