Working from an unexpected fail

Hi. 57 yo and new to TR, listening for a year, used another indoor training app last year. Switched as it seemed too generic, and I blew up on week 10 of a 12 w FTP builder program - too intense and too much volume

80 kg and first ramp test FTP was 197. Training seemed to be going well. 2nd ramp came up and I thought I felt great going into it. I was aware my sleep was a bit off (new kitten) and I’d had my 3rd Covid vax 72 h prior - but I still “felt” fine - and FTP ended up 193. Ugh

So feeling and doing are clearly quite different. I’m not skeptical of the result. It is what it is. Suggestions for successful regrouping ?

Roll with it. If that’s where you are, that’s where you are. If you under-tested, workouts will be too easy and you can adjust from there.

Either way, you get at it and move forwards.

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It’s 2% difference - it’s in realm of measurement error, not to mention daily variation of FTP. It does not matter in a long term. Go with it and see what happens. It’s always better to underestimate than overestimate.

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Origin unknown but I think this is both applicable and reflects my experiences as well.


Think my second ramp test was a slight drop that was within the realms of measurement error- over the next year I’ve gained about 40w. As the posters above say, stick with it & believe in the process!

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