Woohoo, extended warm up on PC

I am starting Mary Austin and had a fair bit of apprehension about the ride in general. I saw a little black box on the screen and was able to add 10 min on the front end.

Now I am (well…writing this) listening to relaxing music and settling in. Stoked that it was added today of all days.


Best wishes slaying her, good sir knight

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We said it would come soon and it has arrived! :raised_hands:

Glad you like it @Patrickfleege!

Have fun with that workout! :wink:


I have heard a lot about Mary Austin recently. I might have to investigate …

or there again I might choose not to look at it just in case I am tempted

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Do it! One 2x10 down.

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And it was added to Mac app which is awesome. saw it during my ride last night b


Extended cool down too. This is downright luxurious.


@Ian the extended warm-up and cool-down seems to mess with the TSS & IF calculations.

I am showing TSS 136/124 IF .86/.91

I looked at the numbers for 10 min through 1:40 and all the calculations were spot on so I know I nailed the workout and it is just a reporting quirk, but one I would not be opposed to seeing fixed if possible.

Thanks a ton!

Actually it reports differently here and there


On my Mac update overnight, I saw another new button marked: “this will hurt”.

I didn’t press it.

Where is that?


Does Mac desktop update automatically?

I’m running this:
Version 2018.42.0.86263 (2018.42.0.86263)
Do I have extended warm up and cool down? If not, how to I get it to update?


Speaking of which, maybe @Bryce or @Ian could put this on a ‘low priority’ list… but maybe at the bottom of each complete workout screen it would be useful to have the TR system note the software platform/release level that was used for the workout… like “MAC OS on Version 2018.42.0.86263 (2018.42.0.86263)” or whatever.

Maybe you already have this data? But it could be useful for custom support and diagnostics later. I doubt it is logged in the .fit files themselves.

I have just reported this to our Test Team to take a look at!

Thanks for catching that! :slight_smile:

We actually do have a tool that allows Support to get all of this information in order to troubleshoot issues!

nice to see it arrived on PC.
But we lost the (working) function to export the workout via the download button INCLUDING intervall duration (timestamp) data.
Can we have that back please?


That is one of the best add on’s that could had ever been done. Extended warm up and cool down is Great!!
TR keeps getting better and better. Podcasts have me love driving around, and now I get a little more race watching time on the tube with the new time extension. What next?!!!

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I have been trying to figure out how to access this feature and can not find any way to do so. Is there a button or a menu that allows us to lengthen the warmup/cool down? I am using a pc and the TR program updates regularly so I assume I have the latest version but mine does not seem to have this feature.

It should auto update. Since it seems to not be doing that, you should contact support@trainerroad.com for direct support.