Feature Request - Setting a default Warm Up and Cool Down Duration

I would love to see a setting in the software that provides you the ability to set a default warm-up/cool-down length. I find when I do my morning workouts I want a little more warm up and every single time I have to start the workout and then extend the warm-up. It would be great to have some defaults to choose from for example always a 5 min warm-up. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


The workouts are planned to fit a specific time (ie: 60, 90 mins etc.). This is to maximize the limited time available to train. If you have extra time and/or need more warmup or cool down then you can just extend on either end. I get that you may always want a 10 min warmup or possibly think that you need it (either physically or psychologically), but I’d also experiment with not doing so.

That being said it only takes a few seconds to hit +10 mins to extend.

It’s literally two touches of a button :hugs:

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I really like this idea! Having a default additional warmup/cooldown could be really useful for those whose TrainerRoad devices are out of reach. I will share this with our Product Mangers for future consideration :slight_smile:

I have also tagged this thread with #feature-request so that we can find it later.



Saw something similar on another thread which would let you add the extended warm up/cool down in the calendar. Would be useful for those who need it rather than an extra press button every workout.


Hey Bryce.
Thanks so much for taking the time to respond and passing this along for consideration. Not having my computer in reach is my exact issue. I airplay to my TV and sometimes when I start riding I realize I could use a few more minutes warmup. I would love the ability to set a default 5 minute warmup unless I decide otherwise.

Thanks again


Better, at least IMHO, would be the ability to create TrainerRoad “playlists”. That is, the ability to have TrainerRoad run workout C, Z, X without interruption and treat the result as a single file. This way someone could have different warmup routines (e.g., sweet spot warmup, VO2 max warmup, etc.) targeted for what the actual workout is going to be.


Maybe make it even more flexible and define your default routine as option in app.

For example I add 1 minute at 80% and one minute at 90% at start to ease into workout and the other way round at end.

Right so every ride I like at least a 10 min spin down. Is there anyway to make this automatic so I don’t have to jump off the turbo and click extra season every bloody ride

As far as I know, there is no science to support there are positive effects in performing a cool down.
IMHO it is wasted time that could be used in recovery activities like foam rolling.

There is no automatic way to add cool down time right now. That feature was requested recently.

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It’s probably bro science but flushing all the lactic out by spinning up feels good and I’ve always done it and I sit there and get my protine shake in and I can’t imagine it hurts.


The OP said he liked a minimum 10 minute recovery, not that it was scientifically proven to be beneficial.
You could create a custom workout and just automatically do that after every session.

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Thanks john is it possible to stack work outs like that so I don’t have to get off the trainer and the cool down just starts after the last interval

No way to stack right now either. But that has also been requested.

Paraphrasing from the pod cast here, but I think they would far more prefer that you had a longer cooldown, but they are cut back to hit the arbitrary workout durations… 45/1/1.15/1.30 etc.

i just bought a wireless mouse to use with my desktop just for this issue.

Place on a table within reach of bike/turbo saves me getting of if i want to extend

warm up and cool down.

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Hello! I’ve been making good use of the extended warmup and cooldown features, but would love to be able to ‘schedule’ them in at that start of the ride. I run TR on my PC, and to add the extended cooldown at the end I have to jump off the bike and walk across the room. Not a huge deal, but if I had the option to click to add it from the get-go, it would be nice.


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I would make use of this feature as well if it existed. I’m a diesel and need more than 5m before I can throw down 400w+. Some might call it good exercise, but to me it’s a potential injury or nagging feeling that I’ll bring to a next days ride (I tend to ride every day and more of an endurance cyclist rather than racer).

No problem hitting the +5m or +10m buttons before/after though, but it would be nice to have this by default (10m warm up is perfect).

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