PC / MAC versus APP Variances

Dear TR, loving this forum and the calendar improvements, however is there any news on updates to training via PC … like ability to extend workout cool downs etc… not sure i have seen anything on those areas (PC) for a while

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We hear ya, @timpenylong! We’re definitely striving for parity between all app platforms.

As it turns out, our Engineering Team is currently working to add the ability to extend warm-ups and cool-downs on desktop (for both PC and Mac)!

I don’t have an exact release date for extended warm-up/cool-downs, but I’d expect this to be out reasonably soon (so long as we don’t run into problems in the development process).


Great to hear, keep the updates coming loving the progress…

Mail](Outlook) for Windows 10

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Hi Alex,

When is this update due please for PC, my trainer does not blue tooth so not able to use the app… therefore having the ability to extend warms ups and cool downs would be useful



Mail](Outlook) for Windows 10

Hey Tim,

I can’t give an exact date of Dynamic Warmup/Cooldown on our desktop apps. I’m sorry. :confused:

Thanks to the unpredictable nature of software development, we’re always really hesitant to give an estimated time of a feature’s release.

That being said, this is a feature that should (again, plans are subject to change) be released in beta form here pretty soon!

If you’d like to be a part of our Beta program, follow this link to grab available Beta downloads.

Keep in mind that Dynamic Warmup/Cooldowns are not yet in our Beta apps, but they should be soon.

Finally, it’s not good that it sounds like you’re unable to use the app entirely! I’m not sure what your setup is, but feel free to email our Support Team at support@trainerroad.com to discuss your setup and options we may have to get you riding with us as soon as possible.


I’m already subscribed to the beta group so hopefully I’ll see a posting or get an email when next release is published

I can’t use the phone app as I don’t have a Bluetooth trainer … to get the plugin for apple connector and then an ant+ for the phone is not a cost option for me when I hope the pc application can do the same as the phone apps

Bit baffled why the phone / tablet app would be different to PC :face_with_monocle:



I use my computer in my workouts and another feature I miss from the iOS app is accessing the variations from within each workout.

On the Mac I have to do a search. Not a huge issue, but it would be nice if both experiences were more or less similar.



Glad to hear you’re part of the Beta Group already! You’ll definitely get the earliest access that way.

Ahh, I understand. Thanks for clarifying. Yes, that makes sense to not spend money to get up and running with a mobile app when you’d just like to see the features on your desktop app. That’s where we’re headed, luckily!

I also understand why you’d be puzzled about why there are differences in features between mobile and desktop applications. Basically, it comes down to differences in the development processes that go in to building features for mobile versus desktop apps. For example, something that’s easy to build for mobile may be much more complex when it comes to desktop.

That said, we have longer-term plans that will allow our Software Engineering Team to build features for iOS, Android, Mac, and PC in greater lockstep.

Booooom… awesome Trainerroad you have introduced Extend Warmup and Cooldowns in the PC app… thanks a lot guys… @Nate_Pearson @Alex and TR Team