Calendar Mac Update - We will do better

EDIT 9/28/2018: We’ve now released the Mac update that I mentioned below.

I wanted to share an update on the status of Mac and Calendar. Based on feedback in this forum, we made a mistake releasing it with the link to “view your calendar” online. That made a lot of people mad.

I’ve talked with engineers and they are doing an MVP (minimal viable product) for Mac where you will see your next planned workouts (going back 5 days and moving forward) as a list of workouts under the “calendar section”.

It will scroll to your current day and you can just click on it and go. Our most senior app engineer is working on it and he said he will get this done tonight. Tomorrow morning we will test it first thing and release straight to production. Of course, we could run into an issue, but we’re going to do our best to get this fixed.

We will then do small releases to make the Mac app inline with our Windows desktop app.

I’m sorry about this, I misjudged and I made a bad decision about launching Mac without the same level of calendar support that is on Windows.

I hope we can turn this around fast and win back some of the people we made very angry.

Here are some people that I know are not happy, I’m @ing them here to make sure they are aware.


I’m sorry everyone, for our future releases we won’t have something like this happen again.

-Nate Pearson
CEO & Co-Founder


Thank you the transparency. You guys are doing a great job.


I wish all companies listened to users the way you guys do. It’s unprecedented.

Thanks for being the best.

PS - I’m not even a Mac user. :wink:


Great update @Nate_Pearson! Thanks for the insight.


I would also ask if you could (eventually) add the feature where you can click and see all the workout variations (-1,-2, etc.). I think that’s the primary thing I miss when I use the laptop instead of the phone.

But you guys are doing great work. Thanks.


Oh yes. We’re working on this.


Love you Nate :wink:




Thanks for sharing, being transparent, and jumping on it. I temporarily freaked out when I went to work out today, but then remembered that i had my plan mapped out in Training Peaks, so I could just go see what workout i was supposed to do today. Looking forward to the fix, but I can do that until then.


Thanks for being understanding…even though you pay for the product.


Mine is fixed. When I just went to Calendar, it offered me the opportunity to import the plan in progress.

Thanks guys. Fast!


Nate thank you for the reply and the update. I started this thread yesterday knowing that there would be others sharing the same frustration but in no way did I open it to impinge on you or the staff at trainerroad. Trainerroad is AMAZING and I can’t think of any other training product that I’d rather use. It’s taken my cycling aptitude to a new level and I’ll always be a proud and paying supporter of it. I happily suggest it to my cycling friends and can’t say enough good things about it. Just wanted to offer my sincere thanks for stepping up and stepping in to quarterback a fix and offer much needed troubleshooting at the same time. Looking forward to making use of this Mac update and all the ones to come.


That’s great Nate - although I’m a little confused as to why my current training plan, which is viewable via the new Calendar is not viewable via the APP? And it seems you can’t select the session on todays calendar in order to train - which means I can’t train as per my plan - does that make sense?

Thanks for starting the thread! We can’t improve unless we know we suck less :smile:.


Check this out: Calendar Mac Update - We will do better

TLDR; were shooting to get an update tomorrow so that you can see your upcoming workouts on Mac, click then ride.

No probs - so what about the APP tho - it’s currently not usable

Agreed. I used the iOS app early this morning for a workout, same as I have for almost three years. Open the iOS app tonight to view my next workout and Career is gone, leaving me to stumble through the new calendar menu and find which week I’m on, and manually select my next workout?

As mentioned above in this thread, there’s a certain beauty to the simplicity and effectiveness of “wake up way too early for my desk job, tap an app on my phone, do the workout in front of me, trust the process/coaches, get desired results.” Please restore that functionality in some way.

Is this forum how support is handled now or should I log a ticket as well? Not being able to view my current trainer road training plan and the progress made is not good. The year(s) long calendar does nothing for me really. Why did you delete the old view completely in favor of this calendar?

Is it being fixed? The IOS app is broken as well.

@Nate_Pearson will help you.

I think as soon as you get your plan on your calendar it will be back to the way it was for you.

This is the reason TrainerRoad is so good, you guys listen to your users and constantly aim to improve the product. The fact you respond so quickly to sort an issue like this says a lot. Keep up the good work!!