WKO5 - Anyone Have Custom Charts They Would be Willing to Share?

Subject says it all: I’m looking at purchasing WKO5, and wanted to know if anyone has developed custom charts that they would be willing to share / screen shots of any custom dashboards you’ve built.

I’ve deleted my Facebook account, and I’m not going back, so asking in the support group there is not an option. So looking to leverage the collective TR wisdom to maximize WKO5.



Happy to share… easier to ask if you see or want something?

I’m just starting to investigate WKO5, so I don’t really know what I don’t know. Hence the question if people who have been using WKO5 for a while are willing to share charts or dashboards they’ve developed that they think are useful.

The only customization I’ve done so far is to add an 8-minute chart to the Peaks dashboard.

Tim (?) mentioned before about a new forum in addition to or in replacement of the FB one since many of us will not go near FB. Any progress made on that?

@bbarrera How is WKO5 now that is been out a while and updated a few times?

On the WKO5 website, the Facebook group is the only thing mentioned, and it is mentioned pretty prominently - see the below which is on a bunch of pages on the WKO5 website. Pretty disheartening

I did a 2nd trial of WKO5 after it had been updated once or twice, and working great on a Mac.

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@TimWKO is the name I’ve seen

I’ve also been considering WKO5…long time TrainingPeaks user and trying to assess whether there’s any benefit to giving their desktop software a shot.

Their website tries to make the case that ‘you need both’ TP and WKO but don’t really do a great job of identifying the actual differences in terms of capabilities of each

You can look at the “WKO Education” channel on YouTube to get a good understanding of the WKO5 software then make a decision.

WKO gives me a good tool to analyze what I’ve done in the past to make decisions on what I should do in the future. Do I need WKO to know how to plan future workouts? I do use created training plans so I could get by without it and just review my TP history. It’s a lot quicker to look at the Power Duration (PD) Curve in WKO to see what I should work on or what I should modify based on the event(s) I’m training for. If I didn’t have training plans already I think WKO would help a lot more. I’m sure there’s a lot of tools I don’t use others could give you input on.


Has there been any progress with setting up forum outside of Facebook? There are many of us who simply refuse to use Facebook for both its lack of privacy protection, as well as positions on mis-information. And WKO’s reliance on the Facebook group is a hindrance / negative to realizing the full potential of WKO.

@bbarrera and @TimWKO,

Is there a way to create a dashboard that would show mileage by bike, but from a specific event for each bike? The use case would be for tracking maintenance. That is, how many miles (or hours in the case of my dedicated trainer bike) have I put on each bike since I last changed the chain of each bike. Plus some way to figure out roughly how often I am replacing chains for each bike’s unique use case (i.e., dedicated trainer bike that I rarely if ever shift, road bike, gravel bike).


I use Garmin Connect for tracking. Maybe you could use tags and report filtering in WKO?

That’s available in many apps. SportTracks supports equipment hierarchies, for example, so you can have a chain with a set life cycle and mileage tracking that’s a part of a bike which has its own lifecycle and mileage tracking. Whenever you select the bike for an activity, the “part-of” objects also get tagged for the mileage. You could even move the chain to another bike…

This said, it’s easier to look at these features than to actually use them in real life. Who remembers to go change the chain in the app after changing it on the bike?