WKO5 and Custom Workouts

Just wanted to call upon those WKO5 users out there and see if any of you adapt workouts to make them ‘individualised’ according to iLevels in WKO5? If so how do you go about it?

Generally I follow a mix of TrainerRoad plans and custom event specific workouts. More TrainerRoad early in the season, sweet spot and the like, then move over to higher intensity stuff closer to race day. As a lot of people, I have found I don’t fit the above threshold bell curve and so wanted to make the most of WKO5 and the ability to now import Training Peaks workouts into TrainerRoad. So I started down the rabbit hole.
So far I have watched a lot of the WKO5 educational series and think I have a grasp on the ‘curve under the curve’ power targets. I also got sidetracked by the Empirical Cycling podcast and their marathon VO2Max discussions.

Whilst these have given me a lot grounding to the idea I wondered if anyone had a solid workflow for this or was willing to share some hand-on experiences?

Some good feedback from folks who customize their intervals based on iLevels.

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If you’ve used workout creator you’ll know that after some use it becomes pretty dead easy to whip up a quick workout. And similiar to the TR workouts all you are doing is modifying the same basic structure to be either more power for same duration, or more duration for same power, and then how much recovery between each.
Whether that is SST workouts, threshold, FRC, etc. You’re not getting that exotic.
YOu can find TR workouts that give you the overall template as well, and then just modify up or down as needed.

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+1 to this. Search for the format (3x20), pick the workout that looks close, open it in Workout Creator, and then modify to match your iLevels.

So if we take the 3x20 as the case workout. Are you just using the target power range from the FTP iLevel or do you use a tighter target from the interval chart dashboard?

Sorry I don’t use the workout creator, I just can not bring myself to install Adobe Air. :weary:

not the best example because for sweet spot 3x20 workout the Coggan Classic levels are the same as iLevels. Where iLevels really shines is when doing work above FTP - vo2max and anaerobic intervals.

I did think that as I was writing the reply

With the targets for anaerobic efforts I take it you perform the curve under the curve principle to make them repeatable, not just off the PDC.

By all accounts my Vo2Max intervals should be around three minutes and they are just high cadence all out efforts :wink:

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