Custom Dashboard


I posted this on the facebook page, but thought I’d bolster the new forum.

What does everyone think about having a customisable dashboard for the TR training screen?

The most important metric, power, is top left. Why not have it front and center, so you don’t have to be continually looking left to see it?
What about the option to select what data and where it is on the screen, like all the cycling computers we can buy. I see one response was to have the ability to hide HR.

So a dashboard where we can move the metrics around and hide what we dont want to see would be another step to making this the perfect training tool!


Can you name any metrics you are missing?
For me this sounds like “nice o have”, but I would vote for other improvements first.

Not missing any really. But having the primary metric, power, not in the middle is not ideal, IMO. I have moved the whole TR window on my laptop so it is, meaning I lose the right side of the training dashboard.
I want to be able to look straight ahead and to see power right there in the middle. And cadence, my second most important, is on the opposite side of the screen, which I cannot see in my current set up.
It would be nice to be able to move these little windows of data around to where ever the user sees fit.
We don’t all leave our Garmins and Wahoo bike computers in the default state, we select what is important to us.

Maybe this is of no concern to someone on a smart trainer, but on a dumb one, it takes concentration to hold a particular power level.

I would really love to hide the heart rate (but keep it recording in the background) as I find as I get close to my max HR I get put off / worried / over pressured that I can’t sustain that effort. The sticky tape I put over the screen is a pain in the bum to line up just right. PLS TR can we pls be able to hide this metric whilst training.