Withings Body Scan (super scale, coming in 2022)

Nate and others, might have a new upgrade model in their future.

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I saw this too and for the first time I thought I might be interested in the scale since it’s been ~ 10yrs (?) since the original Body scale. BUT, I’ll wait for the @dcrainmaker review before making a purchasing decision :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’m very interested. As I understand, with a handle, body fat measurements can be more precise — but scales with a handle coming from firms like Tanita have been only minimally helpful in the past. I recall reading that the issue was that they only performed simple, single measurements, like left leg to left hand and right leg to right hand. In theory, using all possible variations (crossing, all at once, hand to hand, foot to foot) had been conjectured to be significantly more precise and accurate but had been too computationally intensive at the time.

Given that this scale seems to be identifying individual zones, it would seem that Withings is making the jump I had recalled reading about back then with the new Body Scan. I’ve been entirely happy with Withings’ integration with Google Fit and Strava, so I’ll definitely be buying this when it comes out, to replace my current Withings Body Cardio.

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Everytime companies release scales, it’s in December/January, right after the holidays, and I’m like: Really?!? You want me to review a scale NOW?

Thankfully, this one isn’t available till the back-half of the year. Phew!


Lol. CES I presume :man_shrugging:

Should drop em in July and be the official scale of the tour

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Best time to shop for a scale… because its only down from January… or so we all hope (certainly, the 8 pounds I put over the holidays hope)

Can’t imagine what the price will be. Probably out of my comfort zone.

Estimate of $300 USD by one article I saw. I haven’t dug any deeper to see if others agree.


I can tell people they are “fat” for free… its a hobby. No need to pay $300 for a machine to them!


$300 / 300€ is the listed MSRP on their website under the FAQ:


Cool, I missed it when I looked.

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sounds like an opportunity for the “side gig” thread

you got to start charging thou to tell people they are fat - a daily email “yoooo fatty put down the cookies”

Maybe a side gig following people around and slapping cookies out their hands for bonus cash?

this was all in jest - I like cookies - $300 for a scale - I just can’t do that


Assuming a mid summer release, the thing to plan for would be Black Friday sales which might be anything from 10-30% discounts. Maybe those will be limited with such a relatively close time to release, but that is what I am loosely planning right now.


I’d like a service where you text my wife and tell her to stop buying biscuits because her husband is too fat.

We need a TR Adaptive Eating™ algorithm, so when we finish a workout, grade how hard it is, then it checks your body weight before announcing “Well Done! Dinner will be two lettuce leaves and a Maurten gel”

With enough data you could have Progression Levels for body fat, muscle, bone density, nasal congestion…okay maybe too far. Or…:face_with_monocle: