Wyze scale pre order

As anyone pre ordered the Wyze scale. Seems amazing for $20. Scale

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Seems too good to be true. Let us know how it works when you get it though. :smiley:


Yea I pre-ordered one via the Early Access backer. Sorta good timing as my years old Tanita scale is fizzing out, so won’t be surprised to see my beer consumption inflate my weight again now that races/events are postponed for awhile. :slight_smile:

Seriously though I’ve been a longtime supporter of Wyze and their other products like their cameras, door lock and sensors. Fantastic customer service and awesome turnaround response and feedback when you have some input!

FWIW I have their home security cam, which is $25 and is friggin genius.

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This looks identical to what was the Withings (now Nokia) scale.

I don’t think you can go wrong with an electronic scale for $25. Just like with all of the other “smart” scales, just ignore all the metrics other than your weight.

I will be interested to hear the feedback. Not sure it will ever come to the UK. Neos do a strikingly similar camera.

I have multiple cameras, bulbs, motion sensors and everything works as advertised. I’d trust the scale as well.

Has anyone received their order yet? It says available on the website. I plan on purchasing but would like to hear initial thoughts.

I have one. I’d say it’s a steal for the 28 bucks or whatever I paid for it. I really wanted something to help track weight instead of having to type it into Garmin every time. Now, I only have 5 DEXA scans to compare it to as far as bf% go and this scale reads pretty high. My DEXA’s always range around 7-9% and lowest I have seen the scale read in athlete mode is 14.4%. I am in definitely in my normal range. I haven’t been able to get a DEXA since the pandemic and I would of normally got in March. I use the Wyze purely for tracking it against itself at the moment.

Got one off amazon. I LOVE IT. I can wake up every single morning, go pee, and weigh myself and not have to think about it.

It’s also fun to see a 5lb weight loss after a 7 hourday

Buy it! does a great job for its purpose. Dont trust the bf metrics though

… now Withings again. These guys did the deal pair of the century - sold to Nokia for 170m EUR in 2016, and bought it back from Nokia in 2018, for “an undisclosed amount”, which everyone estimates to be way less than the original deal.

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If they made a Steel HR with built in GPS I’d buy it in a second. I’d love a watch that’s in between “Could use this to navigate around the world” and “one step above Timex calculator watch.”

Anyone use it to measure right before a workout and right after to measure sweat loss?

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Just did it and got some really good data!
4x12 workout @96-99% FTP
Starting weight: 153.7
Ending weight: 151.3
Fluid intake : 2
Total fluid loss: 4.4 (I also peed)

3mi Brick run at Oly pace
Ending weight : 150
Fluid Intake: 0.8

Total fluid loss from training today was 6.5lbs
WOW I did not expect that at all.