Best Bluetooth weight scale?

I apologize because I know this question has probably already been asked, but can somebody tell me what some of the best weight scales being used out there Are? I am hoping that there is a scale that will sync wirelessly to Garman connect for daily accurate training data. Thank you.

I haven’t checked about the Garmin sync but Withings will probably be the answer.

Oh it’s more WiFi than Bluetooth. It’ll sync over WiFi and link to multiple services.

I have a Withings scale, and am completely happy. I think it is the Body+ model, the mid-range model that also measures body fat. It automatically recognizes my wife and I, so more than one person can use the scale at the same time.


I have a garmin index scale, so it syncs with garmin connect. Pretty sure it does so over WiFi. Perfectly happy with it.

Only problem was when my daughter kept playing with it and my tracker showed me oscillating daily by 140 pounds.

If you use smartscalesync, anything that will sync into fitbit will sync to Connect (and TrainerRoad). I use Renpho Scales I got on Amazon for a fraction of the cost of the Garmin scales, and they compared well to a Dexa scan I did. Sync’s to a Renpho App on my phone via bluetooth.

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I’ve had the Withings Smart Body since 2010 which you can’t get anymore but I’ve never had any issues with it, it recognises my partner and daughter without any problems and has even been used on the dog and suitcases before holidays although I can’t comment on the fat % accuracy.

It syncs to Garmin, Strava, Apple Health etc etc would definitely highly recommend.

Thanks all for the input…I just purchased the Garmin scale.

What about a more basic (cheaper) scale? I have one analog and one digital at home, and they seem to read 5lbs apart, but I never know which is correct

I’d probably favour the digital (or whichever one reads lower :wink: ), but just stick to the one and follow the trends. Like I said, I’m happy with my Renpho, which compared well for me compared to Dexa, albeit in Athlete mode, but really if I was going to address weight or body composition, it would be the trend I would look for.

I am not sure what you consider cheap. Before getting the Withings, we had a digital scale that cost $25-$30. The weight was accurate, but body fat percentage was not. It also recognized two different users. But I had to manually enter my weight into Apple Health.

Withings makes a cheaper model that only measures weight but not body fat percentage. I don’t know what that model costs in the US, though. BTW, one feature I love about my Withings scale is that it can tell me today’s weather. That turned out to be much more useful than I thought.

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I have a super cheap and cheerful Renpho scale

The bodyfat estimates are way out but as a way of tracking your weight it connects super easy to my phone every morning and keeps me motivated to keep on track with my diet (even though there’s usually a nasty spike every monday morning haha)

My renpho was pretty much dead on my dexa actually! Just had to switch to Athlete mode.

The only caveat I’d give at this point is that the main syncing route is through Fitbit - I just listened to the latest Fit Files Podcast, and google were not committing to keeping the software side of fitbit active following their takeover.

So, I purchased the Garmin. It’s very cool. I’m wonderIng how to get the most out of this resource for my training. It gives lots of info and metrics I’m not sure how to utilize.

What targets should an athlete have for each specific field? How you you all using it? Please advise…Thanks

Wanted to resurrect this thread as I’m in the market for a new scale (my current scale is telling me I weigh about 20lbs less than I did yesterday).

As I understand it, the garmin one can differentiate between users but does this work if the users weigh roughly the same (within 5lb of each other)?

And do the other scales support multiple users well?

I have a Withings Body Cardio, it does differentiate between users (up to 4 if I’m not mistaken), and there’s a pop-up when there’s possible confusion (a screen allowing you to select which user is on the scale, you answer by shifting your weight towards the correct user). Works well. We have 3 people using it, 2 with similar weight, and no mistakes so far.

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Oh awesome. Do you sync it with garmin connect? If you do, is it generally bug free? The DCRainmaker review from 2016 says it’s not the easiest but that was also some time ago…

No, I sync it to SportTracks - that’s my data repository. GC is just a pass-through for Garmin-related data for me. My wife is a normal person (i.e. the concept of a “sports data repository” would make her roll her eyes), and simply uses the Withings app.

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