Wine and Ramp Testing the Day After

Typically, if I have wine I have a glass or two for dinner. However, on Monday a buddy came over and in the course of the evening we had 3 bottles (standard 750 ml bottles of reds – a zin, a syrah, and a bourdeaux) between the two of us. I woke up on TU tired and sleepy (lousy sleep – which I expect after such sessions) but other than that I recall nothing other than that. My HRV registered as slightly sympathetic dominant.

Around 4:00 pm I threw over for a ramp test and registered a 3% decline. I’ve been training since September completing TRADTIONAL BASE MID-VOLUME, SWEET SPOT BASE LOW VOLUME, and this test was the mid-point test of SHORT POWER BUILD LOW VOLUME. In TB I set a PR for ramp test results and since then my results have been flat (or close enough not to change my FTP). I’ve been consistent and while I’m not crushing any workout of late I’m getting through them with some backspinning and a bit of intensity reduction.

Today, I woke up and my HRV overall was balanced, but I noticed spikes in the app’s reading when I would experience a heart palpitation. Throughout the day those were regular. Normally, I get them occasionally but they are not common (today excepted).

So, aside from the best practice of not binge-drinking, what do I do? Retake the test when my heart settles down? Accept the result and move on? I’m definitely making a point of this to discuss with my Dr. on my next checkup (I can hear her response now). Next question will probably be on Pfizer vaccination after-effects!


Re-test when you’re not hungover?


Agreed. This isn’t rocket science, and no need for HRV to tell you how you feel.


HRV has been a morning routine since I started training back in Sept.


Will the AI soon have a # of bottles of wine input?


respectfully, you know you tanked your FTP test. It happens to everyone. Wait a weak, eat right, get sleep, try it again next week. Or keep your current FTP until your next block starts.

you probably needed the night with your buddy more than you needed the workout.


I think the point is HRV isn’t the be all end all. I’ve taken it for several years and I definitely enjoy a good bender with friends. Some mornings after It’s clear as day through HRV that the drinks had an affect, other days HRV tells nothing - yet in both circumstances my workouts after are fairly poor. You don’t need HRV to tell you a good amount of booze is going to screw up a workout, especially when HRV tells you all is well


Sell your hrv stuff and buy more wine!


Clearly you need to drink wine more often so you get used to it and then you won’t tank your ramp.


Keep the test results and drink 3 bottles of wine every night before a planned workout.
Try to keep the rate of consumption and the types of red wine, as well as the alcohol concentration as close as possible to what you did the night before the test.


Drink every night and binge abstain the day before a test.

Or, as an old jazz musician once told me after I’d asked him how come he could perform so well when he was clearly so pissed: “I practice when I’m pissed.”


True facts. If you ever plan on a cycling trip/race in a wine region, best to prepare in training.


Obviously just retest when you’re fresh again. That said, seeing “flat” FTP doesn’t tell the full story. Your body is adapting to holding power for longer and repeating power at higher intensities. If your FTP remained the same and you went from 4x10 threshold intervals to a 1x40 threshold interval, that is still incredible progress! So while you’re not happy with the test results, recognize the areas where you have made progress and celebrate those (with wine of course).

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I took two weeks off for me and then another week while the bikes were in the shop. I took a ride a couple of days ago with some moderate-high intensity and all seemed well afterwards. I hit the ramp test again today and yes as one would expect I have seen a significant drop in result. However, I’m still significantly better off than the start of my training season. I’m not in ramp test PR territory anymore I’m still in hour road test PR territory. This weekend I am planning an hour road test, this ramp test gives me a good informed number to target. Also, I’m back in the know.