Windows Desktop Program Problems

I’ve been running TR on my Win 10 Laptop for years.
It’s been getting worse lately.
I’ve always had to shut down and restart TR in between workouts.
No matter what.
Today I’m trying to squeeze in a workout and the program as crashed 4 times already without me restarting.
Right now I have a black screen.
I’m going to download Zwift while TR takes a time out.
It’s obvious that Windows is NOT a priority at TR.
Any ideas on what I should do?

The above was a draft from a few weeks back and it’s still getting worse.
Tonight the TR Windows program locked up 26 minutes for 12 minutes.
It restarted my laptop and when it came mack up it wouldn’t connect to my trainer, HR monitor or cadence/speed sensor.
I’m in NY and getting a foot of snow tonight.
Not a great time for TR to die on my but as of right now this program is useless.

Any ideas?
And yes, I have an open service ticket.

I have had the same issues. Been using a pretty high end HP laptop with Win10 for about 3 years and it used to be super reliable. In the last year I have had nothing but issues ranging from the app freezing, to losing rides, to a major problem with ANT+ dropouts. I started using zwift last year out of frustration and had no issues except for slow load times. I think its a case of way too many new features on a platform that isnt high priority. I think they cater more to IOS.

I’m thinking the exact same thing.
I’ve told them that it was pretty obvious that the Windows program is an afterthought.
Tonight was so frustrating that I grabbed an old desktop I had lying around and put it back together.
It was a decent computer from a few years ago that I used to run with 3 monitors.
I figure I’ll try Zwift and TR and see what wins.
I think I’ll need to add an HDMI out so I can run it to my TV if I ever feel the need.
Thanks for letting me know it’s not just me.

This is probably not helpful for you, but I want to chime in to say I have none of the problems you describe with the windows version of TR. (aside maybe from slow downloads, probably because I’m in Europe, and aside from the icon vanishing from my taskbar after every update).


I hope you knocked on wood after you typed that.

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Just a question, so don’t shoot me down.

Have you uninstalled and reinstalled TR?
When was the last time you reinstalled Windows?

My reason for asking, is that previously I’ve contacted support for help and they’ve been spot on, genuinely very helpful.
Like any Windows program, it can get very ‘clogged up’ sometimes, just uninstalling and reinstallation can work wonders.
And, again, I had lots of issues with Windows getting corrupt, even though I only run TR, WKO5, Garmin & Zwift on a dedicated PC in my training area, it got corrupt files, started doing very odd things. I bit the bullet and just reinstalled Windows on it, I’ve had to do this twice now (thanks Microsoft).

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I’m on Win 10 and have never had the app crash that I can recall. Slow to update, but reliable in use.

If I ever detect unstable behaviour in Windows, I run “sfc /scannow” at admin level in Command Prompt or Powershell. Invariably it finds corruptions in Windows system files and then fixes them. If that doesn’t work, I move to a fresh install.


I’ve had a similar experience but it’s been far better since I started using the legacy version of the app as highlighted in the thread below.

And the download links:

I use the beta version, and it’s stable as a rock. Maybe you could go against logic and use the beta to increase stability? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Can’t say I’ve had these particular issues on Win10. During workouts it’s quite stable, but it is very slow to download updates and sync workouts. I also have an issue if I try to reduce workout intensity - it sometimes gets “stuck” and keeps decreasing like 1% per second. Once that starts I’ve found no way to stop it, I have to keep increasing the intensity to compensate. To be fair, I haven’t reported it to support, I just live with it - it’s pretty rare that I mess with intensity. But my overall sense is that it does seem like the Windows app could do with some love.


Support has been very good.
Everything we try works, for a few days at least.
I have removed and reinstalled TR a bunch of times but have not reinstalled Windows.
I run way more stuff on my work laptop and I don’t have to reinstall Windows on that machine.
I also go back to the Legacy program pretty often.
Without a lot of the features it seems to work pretty well.

I was having problems with the app freezing and black screens! Windows needed an update. It took almost 24 hours for windows to run and install the updates. TR now works fine, except for the long update downloads.

Keep in mind that you can still start your workout while the TR app is downloading updates! :v:


My Windows is up to date but I will check it tonight.
TR and Windows are all loaded and updated on the desktop so I think I’ll put it into service tonight and see how it goes.

My Win10 installation is pretty solid, and I run Zwift at the same time. The only time I had a problem was when I accidentally installed Garmin Express on the machine. Removing GE brought back my stability.

I always keep everything on my machine fully patched. I know that’s not everyone’s strategy, but it works for me.

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I actually have Garmin Express on this laptop.
I suppose it’s worth a shot.
Could any of you having issues tell me the specs of the machines you’re running?
That might help me.

Yes, uninstall Garmin Express and restart. My laptop is a four-year-old mid-spec Dell Inspiron with 8GB RAM. TR and Zwift aren’t really heavy applications.

It’s already gone along with everything else I didn’t think I would need.

Bugger. Thought that might have been an easy fix.

Agree completely. I use an old low-end Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series laptop (Intel Pentium N3700 - 2M Cache, up to 2.40 GHz, 4GB Single Channel DDR3L 1600MHz, and a 500GB 5400 rpm HDD) from 4.5 years ago to run TrainerRoad and Zwift simultaneously. And this is done via a wireless card that only supports 2.4 GHz WiFi.

The start up for both is a little slow (as is everything on it), but once they’re both running, I’ve never had an issue with the TrainerRoad Windows application.