Anyone else having the latest TR app update (Dec 15th) causing more app crashes?

Updated yesterday, the 15th, and almost immediately the app has crashed an inordinate amount of time over the past two days. Just wondering if it’s me. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling with the same. Figured I’d ask here before bothering support.

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same here, app updated yesterday during workout and I just wanted to start a workout now and it won’t open. This is on a MS WIN10 enterprise system

Same over here. Installed the update yesterday morning. App crashed during workout. This morning, app crashed again during workout and a second time after reopening the app. I am on Windows 10 Home

I’ve had 1 crash since the update - at the end of my workout.

The screen froze just after the level progression message had been displayed.

I shut the App down manually on my Mac and was worried I may have lost the ride.:grimacing:

Checked using the website and Strava and it was fine :smiley:

Pretty much every time I open the app now on my (admittedly knackered) ipad nowadays, either fails to load workouts or fails to exit them after the survey. Seems I can’t leave it idle either.

Yeah I noticed leaving it idle causes it to freeze/not respond too.

Yes. I’m on Windows 11 and previous version was working fine. Update gets stuck trying to launch. I was on chat with Support but nothing we tried made a difference.

Android app having all manner of problems for last few releases. Sometimes won’t load a workout so have to close app & reopen - taking ages to load calendar (in fact taking ages to load anything), and displaying an erroneous page when launched saying I haven’t synced sensors yet when they are actually synced and have been for weeks. Wasn’t having any issues at all pre the AT releases.

I’ve seen more failures on the windows version of the app since the update earlier this week. All of mine have been while loading workouts, and have been hard crashes (frozen with a black screen) that require me to kill the process

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Oh no! Please check in with so they can start documenting these cases more effectively, and also help provide any solutions when available. Sorry, all!

Thanks Ivy. Opened a ticket and pointed them to this thread. I’ve also seen people on my Strava feed saying they are having issues, so seems to be pretty widespread.

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Hi all,

Thanks for your patience and understanding with this one. Also, thank you to those that responded to my private messages - you were very helpful.

We recently updated the framework (Electron) that our desktop application uses and we think that may have led to a problem on some Windows devices which can result in the freezes, black screens, and crashes described above. :frowning:

For the time being, we’ve “rolled back” our Windows application to the previous version while we find a more permanent solution. Anyone on Windows should be prompted to update the next time you open TrainerRoad; if you continue to encounter these issues after completing the update, please let us know!

If you are encountering an issue on a non-Windows device, you should reach out to and they will do their best to help you out. :slight_smile:


Win 10 home. First workout after Dec 15 update crashed after 57sec. Second try on next day worked ok…