Last 2 windows 8 app updates - issues

Sorry if there’s another thread covering this topic, I did have a quick look but couldn’t see anything.

Been having a few problem with the TR app, which started to occur 2 updates ago.

As soon as the 1st update had downloaded the app crashed - annoying as I was 45 mins into a workout. The app then appeared really heavy, if I minimised the app and tried to go back in it would take a while to appear or would just crash altogether. And when closing down the laptop it now needs to force shutdown as something is working in the background. It could be another program, but I only use that machine for TR and it’s the only program to have a recent update AND the problem has only started happening since the download/ update.

I logged in yesterday to a new update, downloaded and saw the minimise screen had been fixed. About 45 mins into the ride again google crome/ bbc iplayer stopped working so during a recovery interval I minimised TR (stupidly not thinking of past problems) to try and get iplayer going again. TR wouldn’t return from the taskbar. Had to close down and restart with workout finished.

I’ve been using with the current setup for close to 6 months with no similar problems until the last 2 updates. Anyone else having similar issues? Is it possible to go back/ download previous versions of the app?


Contact for direct help with this.

Your windows 8 install is 2 years out of date. Go to windows 10.

Thanks for the reply.

I must have been having a moment (getting more often these days!). As soon as I finished typing the post I remembered I’d installed an anti-malware software around the same time of 1st update…

It’s taken me all this time to uninstall as the computer was having major issues, once installed though all seems good again.

Apologies and to who it applies to, please feel free to remove this thread.


The problem here with this is “windows 8”

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